After a long day, busy week or just about any time we desired we would Eat out. From North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian trying different cuisines and restaurants is a hobby of some of us foodies. 


While some of us have cravings that we want at times like midnight, don’t have the time or just don’t feel like going out thereby would just order food online. It’s been such a popular activity nowadays that we can see deliverers stand in long queues than us in famous restaurants.

But suddenly when the lockdown was imposed through out India, food delivery was one of the few essential services that was allowed to operate. They were given proper guidelines from maintaining cleanliness, regular temperature checks of staff & deliverers to providing contactless delivery.

But it’s never wrong to take more precautionary measures than be sorry later. So here’s our top tips to follow while ordering food online during a pandemic:

  1. Use food delivery apps that provides all the information of the restaurant, their staff, safety measures taken to information of the delivery personnel. 

Our top picks are Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo.

  1. Choose a restaurant that is specified to have taken the most safety measures such as highest cleanliness, regular staff temperature checks, usage of sanitizers masks and other equipment if specified.

 Apps like Zomato have a filter that show only those with good hygiene rating.


  1. Once you have carefully chosen a hygienic restaurant, add the items in the cart and make an online payment for the order to prevent any form of contact with the delivery person.

  1. After ordering the food and when you get the delivery person’s details like temperature checks, call them and cross verify it. 

Ask them any vital questions and also sense if they are well or not from their voice. Any concerns, report it immediately to the support team.

  1. Take a proper contactless delivery by asking them to leave the food parcel at a clean and suitable place outside your home. 

After they leave, using gloves and mask only take the food containers inside your home and throw the bags in the garbage.


If you want, you could just reheat the food in the own for a few mins as any concerns you have can be overted this way.


And those are the the tips to follow when you order food online during a pandemic. Just spend some time on these few steps and have a peace of mind when you gorge on the food you desire.


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