The advent of digital payment in India has strategized the country for the betterment. People with smartphones find this mode of payment much rewarding than having to take money from an ATM and make payments. Mobile wallets are an amazing mode to make all your payments like electricity bill, internet bill, shopping, fuel refills, and even win cash backs. Some loyal customers of a particular mobile wallet app also get free offers to redeem rewards and free offers to book cinema or shop with credits. These days’ auto-rickshaw drivers have linked to mobile wallet and this is super easy for people who want an emergency ride. These payment facilitators not only allow just sellers linked to these apps but providers like Ezetap help such sellers who do not have a link to any of the apps as well. This is an era to digital payment mode and there are many facilitators in India who are doing an amazing job. Let us look at the top 10 payment facilitators of India: 

1. MobiKwik

This mobile wallet has an app and a website that allows you to save your money and makes payments of bills, shopping, restaurant, etc. Their offline partners include Cafe Coffee Day and Ezetap. At these shops, you can just pay with your MobiKwik app and a scan or a quick send button does all the work. They have had over 400,000 daily transactions and over 25 million subscribers as of 2019. They take debit cards, credit cards, net-banking options and have a quick send button to a contact you have saved. Now if you are someone without a card or account MobiKwik has an offline presence too that helps such users with a cash collection option as a door service. Though this is not available in all states now, Delhi, Jaipur, Gurgaon, and Mumbai have this option and allows a monthly limit of 10,000Rs.  Get the best Mobikwik coupons, click here. 

2. Vodafone M-Pesa

India’s biggest network with country widespread subscribers. They help with payments of any kind including sending money to numbers. They use IMPS service where money can be transferred to the bank or another mobile number with the Mpesa app. The best part about the app is if you make one payment through M-Pesa you are likely to receive offers on the payment of other apps. For example, if you have transferred  ‘x’ amount of money to a bank or M-Pesa account you are likely to receive ‘y’ amount free to make payments of a DTH connection or phone recharge. Great online and offline payment facilitator.

3. Paytm

Paytm is known to be globally and has been the most preferred payment facilitator in India. It is quick, deliverable and trustworthy. They have their own virtual shopping mall where you can purchase amazing products too. This 9-year-old app has been helping a lot of e-commerce transactions and bill payments. Their presence is found in every industry including retail and entertainment. They have around 100 million subscribers on the Android Play store alone. They are the only mobile wallet that has the IRCTC booking and an RBI license to help bank payments. Their cashback is also far superior compared to other services. They deliver what they promise. Get the best Paytm coupons, click here.

4. Freecharge

Similar to other mobile wallet apps, Freecharge also helps in bill payments. This platform has the recent addition of metro card payment in their latest update. You can use net banking, credit and debit card uploads on both app and website. They have around 5 million users as of 2015 status. Snapdeal acquired Freecharge and has been optimizing it for the Indian market with lots of payment options like electricity payment and broadband service payment. Snapdeal is an eCommerce platform that helps you shop a variety of products and with Freecharge you can make the best ou of it. Get the best Freecharge coupons, click here.

5. G-pay or Google Pay

Google pay has around 100 million subscribers already in the span of a year. Google Pay earlier called as Tez,  had been very popular in India and across the globe. Sending money has become very effective these days in one click. Link your bank account and number to G-Pay and transfer money in just once click. Since this is part of google world, more than 100million subscribers have already Signed up. The greatest advantage is that your money is safe in your account itself. The hassle of adding money into the wallet makes it one of the easiest and fast usable apps around. The app by itself has multiple sign-in options hence you have to either give your password or pin to conduct the transaction. 

6. HDFC Payzapp

With 10 million subscribers on Android HDCF is a great app. This is a one-click solution app. This allows bill payments, recharges, transport services, entertainment and more. You can also use Payzapp at supermarket and SmartBuy options. You can also seamlessly send money to people linked on Payzapp. HDFC is one of the major private banks in India and Payzapp is the exclusive app that only the account holders can use. It makes their transactions easier and simpler in a few clicks. Further, you get exclusive offers by using Payzapp for your payments giving you more savings on your transactions.

7. Ola Money

Ola money is an exclusive service that is run by Ola. People using Ola cabs have a credit and money transfer system that allows them to use it as a mobile wallet. They also have OLA credit where you can use the company’s amount and make payment before the due date. They usually have a 15-day gap after each payment. After the due date, the late payment charges will be added to it if the payment has defaulted. This is a convenient way to make sure that you never run out of cash at important moments. This also ensures that you can ride Ola cabs without the worry of liquid cash or even a wallet balance as payments can be made from Ola Money.

8. Lazypay

Lazy pay is one of the greatest achievements in the mobile wallet. Here you can only use this payment facilitator on a credit-based service. They have a tap of 15th and 3rd of every month where the payment should be made. Lazypay is connected to all food platforms and have instant loans as well. Basically, they act as money lenders. Lazy pay is tied up with Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many other shopping websites. To get their personal loans into bank accounts you have to fill in a few details, and a credit limit is given. They have EMI plans of 3 months to 24months only.

9. Airtel Money

Airtel money is a mobile wallet that does not allow cash withdrawal. They are helpful for bill payments, recharges of any connection and shopping and food platforms. Airtel money is known for its seamless user-friendly performance. You can also use NFC for payments and requests of money. You can load money into your wallet and the extra feature like the splitting of bills and expenses is a great advantage on Airtel money app. Since airtel users find this very useful airtel money has moved into a lot of e-commerce platforms to help users make Airtel money their first priority as a mobile wallet.

10. Amazon Pay

This online payment facilitator has been launched in India 2 years ago. They are used by an Amazon customer base itself. This option is great for shopping on Amazon, BigBazaar, etc. Amazon pay gives a lot of cashback offers to users who continuously use Amazon pay mode. It is also one of the best apps in terms of security and authenticity as it a service by Amazon. You can also get easy checkout on the amazon platform with the help of Amazon Pay. Get lavish goodies and cashback exclusively with Amazon pay. Get the best Mobikwik coupons, click here.

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