This year let us start by eating right. Let us prepare ourselves to a healthier new version of us this year. It is not a tough challenge and being Indians we have different kinds of foods we can try as part of the weight loss food list. Typical Indian meal contains a surplus amount of carbohydrates combined with fats. Potatoes, rice, sugar, sweets are inevitable from an Indian household. Feeding is a sign of good hospitality and love towards guests, friends, family etc. India is now battling with growing issues like Americans which is obesity. 

But you can still work on the available superfoods inside your kitchen itself that will help you as fat burning foods. To lose weight in a balanced and healthy way you need to ensure that the diet is balanced. It should cover all the protein foods list for weight loss and give you the essential nutrients out of it. The combination of fruits, vegetables, pulses, meat, essential fats and oils, dairy products etc. should be part of one’s diet food list for weight loss. Let us look at a few diet foods that can be part of your protein foods list for weight loss.

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1.Moong Dal: Part of the legumes family, moong daal is one of the healthiest sources of protein foods list for weight loss. They are rich in Vitamins, potassium, iron and calcium. They help you feel full for a longer period. They do contain essential fibre and protein and this shall add up to be a great fat burning food as well. You can make it many forms. They are easy to digest and is best when you have an upset tummy. You can add spinach, coriander, onion, tomato into this and have it alongside chapati, roti, rice, salad, soup etc. 100 grams of Moong daal equals to 347 calories. Get yours today from Fresh to Home store with Cashback, Click here!

2. Walnuts: This is one of the best snacks one can include in their weight loss food list. They are good or brain development. They are filled with copper, protein, manganese, omega 3 fatty acid, folate, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins etc. They help protect your body from diabetes and this happens only because of an antioxidant named ellagic contained in them. They are rich in fibre and they help to keep your tummy fuller and 10grams of walnuts amounts to 65.4 calories. Get your organic deal today from Bigbasket. Click here!

3. Spinach: Adding greens into your daily life is a great source of nutrients and vitamins. Spinach especially contains calcium, iron, fibre, Vitamin C, zinc, protein and calcium. One cup of spinach only contains around 10 calories. You can have spinach with moong daal, salads, smoothies etc. Spinach is rich in fibre and helps with your digestion. 100 grams of spinach equals to 23 calories and they are really rich in essential nutrients and one of the best fat-burning foods. Get your organic spinach with big discount from BigBasket, Click here!

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4. Bitter gourd: Bitter gourd is rich in zinc, phosphorus, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamins etc. They do not absorb sugar so keep the blood sugar level at a minimum. Bitter gourd is also rich in calcium and iron. They are 90% water and keeps the calorie intake in correct quantity. Bitter gourd can be eaten with rice as a side dish, soup, bitter gourd air-fried etc. You can peel the skin of bitter gourd first, leave it for 2 hours in saltwater and wash it off. They will not taste bitter after that. 100 grams of bitter gourd is only equal to 34 calories. Get your bitter gourd from Fresh to Home website or app with Cashback right away, Click here! 

5. Beetroot: Beetroot boosts your energy. It is best to consume fermented beetroot, boiled beetroot or even beetroot as the salad form with lemon before a workout. It helps to detoxify the blood. They have all the essential nutrients. You can also make beetroot juice every day along with kale, banana, papaya or spinach. Lemon and beetroot is a great combination as it helps make your body much alkaline. 100 grams of beetroot is only 43 calories. If you need to get the right beetroot to go for organic beetroot and collect yours with great deals from BigBasket, Click here! 

6. Almond: They are the plant-based source of fish because they are rich in Omega 3. They help prevent cardiovascular diseases. They also keep your blood sugar in control. They help in the reduction of weight. Almonds are rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, antioxidants etc. they help to maintain blood flow and thus keeps your body functionally fit. 10 grams of almonds only equates to 57 calories. Freshworld has the best refined organic almonds get yours today with Cashback, Click here!

7. Apple: Apples act as a great source to weight management. They are rich in fiber. One regular-sized apple contains around 4 grams of fiber. Studies suggest that at least 16 grams of fiber should get into a woman’s daily food intake and 11 grams of fibre for men. Fiber helps in improving your digestion. It acts as a gut improving superfood. People tend to lose weight monthly 1kg on an intake of one apple a day. They boost your immunity and metabolism. 100 grams of apple equates to 52 calories. Get your organic fuji apples today from BigBasket at lowest price, Click here!

8. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin K, phosphorus, vitamin B6, protein, magnesium, fiber, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium etc. The high fibre content in cauliflower helps in weight management. You can have this boiled, fried, air friend, deep fried; salad as raw, side dish etc. 100 grams of cauliflower is only 25 calories. Checkout freshworld, Fresh to Home or BigBasket for organic cauliflower, Click here! 

9. Radish: Radish is another super food rich in fiber. One cup of radish equates to 3-gram fibre. This is almost 12% of the required quantity intake of fiber per day. Fibre takes time to digest; hence there won’t be an unnecessary craving towards binge eating fried potato chips, or sides etc. You can have radish in curries, sides, soups, salads, stir fry vegetables etc. also 100 grams of radish only has 15 calories. Get yours today from Nature’s Basket, Click here!

10. Bananas: Bananas are rich in fibre; it is a great snack and takes time to digest. Hence, you feel full for a long time. They a great source of stamina boost and athletes love having banana, oats, milk and egg together. Some like drinking this as breakfast while some bake and eat. Bananas are also a powerhouse of healthy carbs and no artificial sweetening hence it helps in digesting.    You can have up to 3 bananas a day. 100 grams of banans equates to 89 calories only. They help in gut improvement, kidney health and better heart health as well. get yours today from Grofers, Click here!