The corporate world has long been a male-dominated space, with most of the companies headed and managed by men. As this may be the case, tides are turning and the workforce is diversifying in the corporate space. Companies are looking to integrate a number of women as gender equality is playing a crucial role in the positive sustenance of the workforce, providing women with opportunities that were considered not a suitable couple of decades ago. With advancements in technology and an increase in women pursuing higher education, women are able to take up equal opportunities as men.

Given the limited barriers and increased awareness, the involvements of women are encouraged in most activities that were once taken upon by men. Awards and recognition have established a pattern where companies have started to recognize the crucial role that women play in the world of business. Women who pursue work in the business world are nevertheless be held back by the forgone stigma that men are the provider and women the caretaker. With a leveled playing field, and ethnic and gender diversity encouraged women right to work in the workplace, it is critical for the women to feel that they have a specific role to play in the organization. Advancements and opportunities should be available to women as like their male counterparts, giving them room to grow professionally and personally.

women in corporate world

In developing countries like India, the proportion of women working in the corporate world is significantly low. There seems to be a feeling of non-encouragement from the general society in the role they could play for a company, the significance of their contribution and their struggle to balance the personal life with their professional ones. This can be felt throughout the corporate world as the proportion of women to men in the lead roles is starkly low. The challenges and discrimination faced by women are the same ones crippling their growth in the corporate world.

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With time, the role of women as leaders are changing in the corporate world with some of the biggest companies headed and run by women, encouraging a new wave of generation to take up leadership and entrepreneurship. Women are aggressively changing roles, exhibiting confidence and upskilling to match up or even exceed their male counterparts. As the corporate world turns to equal opportunities for advancements, the role of woman in business is going to increase drastically in the coming decade.

India and other developing countries should follow the footsteps of developed nations and encourage the total involvement of women in the business world. Involvement of women-only helps the company achieve a better result, with lasting impact for the community. Some of the great and renowned figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Suze Orman and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook have held authoritative and leadership positions in their domain. As role models, they set the examples and played a significant role in influencing women in the workforce worldwide with their messages and leadership.

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Some of the benefits of having women at the top of the corporate helm are:

Leadership qualities and nurturing the team

Women possess the qualities that help them achieve results with leadership and professionalism often complementing the values of the company. Bringing in strong work ethic and motivation, which sets standards and help the department and colleagues carry the same values. With innovation and inspiration, they devise methods to get the work done while having fun at the same time. They carry the company’s vision nurturing the others and benefiting the team.

Impeccable organizational skills

Women are excellent at managing more than one role and responsibility at a time making them great at multitasking. Growth and effectiveness of the company is also a prime focus, making sure productivity is paramount and managing teams to bring out the best in them. While concentrating on results they possess the humility to conduct an open work environment and achieving quality results.

Sharp attention to details

Women in management roles are known to possess good attention to detail helping them analyze the business landscape much effectively. They can analyze risk factors and understand the opportunities that could be tapped in the market. With the capability to handle crisis and extreme situations, they make the ideal candidate to mitigate risks and make important decisions.

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Committed to the growth of the company

Women in the workforce are great growth hackers, passionate and involved in the projects giving inputs and valuable contribution towards the company. With a positive spirit and attitude, they are always ready for new challenges and projects. Businesses which recognizes and empowers this achieves a lot more than their competition.

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Women have become an integral part of the corporate world and this trend is seen to be passing on to the far reaches of the world. With women in the workforce already taking equal control, we are set to see a new revolution in the world of business. With women’s day, let’s share this to all the women in our lives and encourage them to lead their personal and professional lives with poise and confidence.