2020 has been a very turbulent year with the global pandemic coronavirus, that spread across countries and the continents. This has affected our lives as we need to keep a safe distance from each other and follow work from home, social distancing and more. Since work from home is widely accepted and followed by most of the industries including tech, it is essential to gear up to bring out your best performance online. Working from home can be a boon as you are less distracted, spend less time on trivial tasks, and finish projects faster.

An adequate set up at home will guarantee you the best results, be it in a video conference, reporting, and even other tasks that you could be involved in. Since the global condition and the economy hangs in uncertainty, we can expect work from home to last for a while. So here are our top 7 work from home tech essentials that you should have.

1. Wireless mouse – A wireless mouse is a perfect addition to your home setup. Connected with direct wireless or Bluetooth technology on your system, these mice are handy to use, quick and easy to set up. Since it is wireless it helps you declutter and gives you more space, speed, and performance. They can be used for almost any hard tasks including designing and gaming. You can find the best deals on the wireless mouse with Amazon as they have resumed deliveries to many of the locations around India.


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2. VPN – VPN is an important tool of yours for handling delicate and secure data. We all have sensitive data that we access and it is always safe to be using a VPN server for everything online. This can include credit cards, passwords, banking information, and other sensitive data that can be effectively protected with a secure VPN service. VPN acts as a security guard for all your activities or every time you access a public WIFI. So get the best security with VPN.

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3. Wireless headphones – Wireless headphones are so much more convenient than normal headphones. You can get the best battery life, superior sound, and the freedom of movement without the hassle of wires and other materials. The minimalistic design of wireless headphones will help you listen to your favorite media or official audios and videos with extreme mobility. Further, you can connect it to more than one device and also your mobile handsets. Change from the chains for wired headphones and step into the future of audio with wireless headphones.

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4. Laptop stand– A Laptop stand is a perfect product if you spend too much time in front of your system. Long hours in front of the laptop will mean poor posture that results in shoulder, neck, and back pain. This can be taken care of in your home with an efficient and adjustable laptop stand. Instead of hunching over your computer, it is important to follow a safe posture that is upright and stable. Most of the laptop stands can be used from multiple angles and also support laptops of varied sizes.

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5. Wireless Keyboards– The best way to get your work done is to use a wireless keyboard. It will be mobile, accurate, and very fast for all your usage. This will also save you from the hassle of dealing with wires and the possibility of loose connections and other problems that may hinder your work. Get the best wireless keyboards from Flipkart and get amazing offers.

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6. Google Meet: This essential video conferencing app is one of the major disruptors this year. Log in and enjoy a video conference with your friends, colleagues, and subordinates from the Google platform. It is a reliable, fun, and free to use platform that will essentially give you the best experience when video conferencing and online meetings.

7. Comfortable chair: The work from home demands us to be inside our home and that means less mobility. It is essential to have a comfortable chair to accompany your workstation. The best choices are the ones that have enough padding to keep you comfortable while being fully adjustable both in height and mobility. Get the best offers for chairs online from Pepperfry and have an amazing and productive WFH.