Like it or not we all have to work for a living and at times it can get stressful. No matter what job you have, even a dream job, you are bound to be stressed in more than one scenario. Most of us work with tight deadlines, unrealistic expectations, unsupportive bosses, and impossible demands that can at times get the best of you. This does not mean that there are ways to beat the odds and work out these problems efficiently. Stress causes some people to have restless nights, while others lose their appetite and even have new health problems.

If you have encountered any or all of the situations above don’t worry, we understand you. To get to the point we all strive for the elusive work-life balance. But now we are going to reveal the top ways to overcome stress at work and start your journey towards a healthy work-life balance. Remember everything starts with a single step. Let’s go

1. Moving around the lunchtime

Lunchtime is the great divider of our workday. We take a rest and grab a meal within the given time frame. A quick walk around your office or a park will lift your mood as well as decrease your stress levels to a certain extent. A 10-20 minute walk will ensure that your endorphins are high and you remain happy throughout the day. So staying active and moving around is one way to beat stress.

2. Practical distancing

if you had a long first half, with work piling up and bosses down your throat, utilize your lunch break wisely. The best way to calm down and get your composure back is to remove yourself from the environment and go out. Go out to lunch, as the quick departure will give you great stress relief. If you struggle to have a proper sit-down meal, then pack a lunch and head to the nearest park.

3. Do not over-commit

Many times employees over-commit to their employers, it can change the outcome and expectations put upon the employee. When you go above and beyond for completing a task or a project, it shows your commitment to the company. But when this is the norm then you would be expected to make sacrifices and work more than required to achieve your targets. So, it is wise to be a committed employee but it is also important to say “no”. Commit but don’t over commit.

4. Schedule and break up your days

It is very important to have a robust schedule to follow through. It saves you time and helps you avoid confusion. It is also regarded as one of the keys to the success of an employee. If you don’t schedule your day you will tend to work that may not give you the desired outcome. The best way to go about it is to schedule your day or week in advance. You can later tweak it if there are any changes. This helps you predict the next decision and be better prepared for the day. You can use a dairy or use online tools to get yourself in check every day.

5. Take a break

Sometimes things get so overwhelmed, and you may be lost in the mess. In such situations, you need to take a break.  Taking breaks helps you to rejuvenate your creativity and help you to perform better every time. It gives you the adequate mental clarity needed to take work head-on. It is important to give your mind some space and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. A vacation from time to time is also a good idea.