Elections are the time when every citizen holds the power to decide the fate of the government on a collective level. The Election Commission of India through its state entities conducts the elections from adding citizens to the voters’ list & issuing the voter id to counting & declaring the results by following stringent policies to ensure no unfair advantage is enabled to any party or individual. In the list of upcoming elections in India, the Karnataka assembly elections 2018 tops list. It is one of the most awaited elections of India before Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Right to Vote
Right to Vote in Election

Use your vote to decide Karnataka’s future

Karnataka Election Date

The Karnataka election date is on the 12th of May as declared by the chief electoral officer of the election commission of Karnataka. The polling is to be held at all the constituencies on May 12th itself & not spread over a few days as generally conducted. Then the counting of the votes starts which would take a few days to complete following which the results are announced.

This Karnataka Election, Make your vote COUNT!

why do you need to do to vote
Why do You Need to do to Vote

Why do you need to do to vote?

Citizens need to exercise their right to vote for which they need to have a valid voter id. Any citizen above the age of 18 years can apply for one online or offline by providing a passport-sized photo, identity & address proof of themselves. On receiving or having a voter id a citizen will need to add his or her name in the voters’ list of the constituency they belong to that can again be done online.  Once you have done both, your set to vote.

Your vote will decide Karnataka’s future!

Your vote will decide Karnataka future
Your Vote Will Decide Karnataka Future

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Karnataka in Numbers

Karnataka is a state that was formed in 1956 & was formerly known as the State of Mysore. It is the Seventh largest state of India by area & is home to more than 6 crore people(approx). Karnataka is one of the few states with bicameral legislature meaning it has a Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council. The citizens vote for the members of the Legislative assembly which are also known as the Vidhan Sabha election. The state’s legislative assembly is divided into 224 constituencies. The minimum number of seats required to form a government in Karnataka is 113.

karnataka elections party leaders
Karnataka Elections Party Leaders

How to decide whom you need to vote for?

We live in a society that is administered by the elected government for a period of 5 years. All the drafting of new policies & enforcement with overall administration is the responsibility of the active government. But understand that they reach such a position with your vote. You have one chance to use your right & alter the fate of your state, exercise it. Before you do, ensure you have made an unbiased & informed decision. There are many factors to consider from the work & administration done by the present government & then in your constituency. Review the list of candidates & their profiles online, give all of them an open ear by going through their activities are done, values & promises they will achieve if elected & follow the election news through the innumerable sources available online. After that march to the nearest polling station on the election day, cast your vote & let the collective wisdom of the people take its course.

Vote to be relevant & matter!

karnataka voters
Karnataka Voters

Vote Right with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) system. Things you need to know!

Once you have decided whom you want to vote for, it’s important if you do vote for that candidate in the polling booth. The Karnataka Election is confirmed to use the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) in which there are buttons for each candidate. Once you are allowed in the polling booth, you need to clearly find the candidate name with his/her associated party. Once you have, you need to click the button horizontally placed until you hear the beep. Now generate a printed receipt for every vote polled. The testing of the VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail) machines has happened in a few places across the state & if implemented could make things easy & clear to you. VVPAT is a system where once you vote a vote acknowledgment slip of whom you voted for appears up to 7 seconds before dropping into the box. So you can verify if the candidate you voted for was to whom the vote got registered. So go vote & do it Right!

vvpat machine karnataka election
Vote Acknowledgement Slip

Karnataka Election Results

The Karnataka assembly elections 2018 result is scheduled to be declared on the 15th of May 2018.

Karnataka State Elections Schedule 2018

  • Karnataka Election Date: 12th May 2018
  • Last Date to Enroll In Voters List: 20th April 2018
  • Start of Counting Of Votes: 13th May 2018
  • Karnataka Result: 15th May 2018 (Expected)
  • Date of Formation of New Government: 18th May 2018 (Expected)