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How to keep-up cash flow in your day to day life

We all wish to live comfortably without any worries buying the latest stuff that is made to look indispensable to us from a 5G Smartphone, light & powerful laptop, fast & powerful bike, a spacious cool car, even a swanky looking luxurious house to be happy. But not all of us are born in wealth, are child prodigies or make all the right decisions to get there immediately after our studies. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot but have a undergo a rather vigorous journey to get there. Your starting point can be absolutely anything say a person who could not complete their studies, someone who took into the wrong choice for their career, one who is stuck in a dormant job, or even a person who doesn’t have the situation to work their way out. Again there are many ways to do it as well but one such is to start keep-up cash flow in your day to day life & finally go towards the path of positive and progressively growing cashflow.


Sounds pretty complicated, it really isn’t as a more simple way of saying the above is to keep up with a Budget and increase your savings to make it grow exponentially. Now, did it seem to make sense, anyway let’s keep discussing it in the lines of the term Cash flow itself! Just as a Business has cost, revenue and profit in our day to day lives, it can be termed as Earning, Expenses and Savings. 


All the events or things helps you to earn will be termed as Cash Inflow and similarly, all activities or events that make you spend will be termed as Cash Outflow. At the end of the day, the Cash you will have after Inflow and Outflow is termed as Cash Netflow. What you need to do start with is to always maintain a positive Cash Netflow on a fixed period basis like say a month meaning have money left over to Save. This is how you can keep up Cash flow in your life and the other way is not possible as then you will owe money to others. 


Now, as per the understanding of the above process, you can be certain that your Cash Inflow needs to be more than your Cash Outflow. To do the same one you need to be earning well enough from your job or business or primary income source. But that is the ideal situation as firstly our expenses keep changing from time to time and our lifestyle is relative to how much one earns, thereby unless your there is a good positive Cash Netflow end of the month you need to look at some additional ways to do it. By additional ways, we mean means increasing your Inflow or income sources that can even be passive or small but in the end, they do help significantly.


Let’s check out some simple and easy yet effective ways to have a Net Positive Cash flow in your day to day life:

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Maximizing the use your Skills from your Primary Income to Freelance:

When your workload is low on weekdays and making at least one day of the weekend productive by just doing the same bunch of activities you would at work instead for someone else is Freelancing. You may make pretty less in the start but as your work gets better recognised by clients, you can expect a huge alternate Cash Inflow. 

Spending a portion of your free time to Earn Passive Income:

If you’re the one who’s got a tight schedule already making it difficult to work on other things, just spend some of your free time productively on instant earning opportunities such as taking paid Surveys for some time daily or weekly. On a periodic completion basis, this small Cash Inflow can become rather significant on a month’s average.

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Exploiting your Profile Assets such as your Network to Influence:

Some ways you can get a Cash Inflow are from sources and activities that may outright not seem like a form of work itself. Like when you scroll through your list of contact, Facebook friends, Linkedin Connections or Instagram followers, you may finally realise that you have enough to Influence by tying up with Brands for their promotion getting you a good alternate Cash Inflow.

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Making every appropriate Conversation or Sharing thoughts to a Referral Opportunity:

As a responsible shopper, tech geek or just someone with good taste you may often have questions from others like where you bought something, what should they get or even take you along for some shopping. Since everything is available online, so is a way to refer them to that service and be rewarded for that. There are stores which give you long term rewards as well, helping you with some Cash Inflow indirectly.  

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Getting the most out of your fulfillment of daily needs:

Introspection is the first step to solve anything and so is the problem of how to keep-up cash flow in your day to day life. Start with analyzing your Cash Outflow to see if you’re spending right and if there are ways to optimize it such as ordering in bulk, saving delivery costs, shopping during Sale, using coupons and finally getting Cashback on all orders as that will get you a perpetual Cash Inflow for every Outflow that you make.


Implementing some of the above ways in your day to day life, you can definitely expect to become Cashflow positive and get to a High net worth individual one day! 

Future of Education: Top Upcoming Trends in Education Technology

The future of education is poised to bring in major changes in all its aspects, with the use of the latest technologies and the merging of efforts with human teachers, students will have a new experience both in terms of education and practical experience. The use of technology in education is all set to see an upsurge, and we are at the beginning of a new revolution.

The year was 2010 and smartphones had just begun to make their presence felt to the general public. With the power of a computer all in your grasp, information was something that was just a search away. And as information was available for free, the Smartphone revolution had begun at a blistering pace influencing all parts of our lives. With each year the smartphones grew faster and better, adapting more to how humans use it and ultimately resulting in the situation where smartphones and humans are almost linked as both rely on each other for many of their days to day functions.

Future of education depict
Image source: www.eduspire.org

Education too has been affected in many ways today, with most of the new generation exposed to the internet and smartphones from an early age, finding a way to combine these latest and far-reaching technologies and education becomes a major project for human development and will pave the road forward.

At the inception of the last decade with the initial stages of social media,  the world communicated through emails and texts, and now everyone we ever knew is connected to us in one way or the other via social media platforms. As technology evolves beyond our wildest imagination we are in dire need of more tech-enabled solutions to engage and educate future generations. Technology advancements are affecting every known industry and education is not spared. As this trend progresses, this would enable more children to be educated at a lesser cost countrywide. India’s constraints of poverty and education are interlinked and technology can be the cornerstone from which education is made universal throughout the country.

As the future of Education and technology is still changing day by day we are certain these advancements would be the most pronounced in the education sector in the imminent future.

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1. All Personalized Anytime Accessible content

We are all different and so is the rate of understanding and our interests. No one method of teaching can help teach the whole majority equally efficient. The old protocol of textbooks and exams would be extinct moving into the future where the student will be tested on the basis of new sets of gauges. The technologies of the future would ensure that all the education syllabus and materials are easily available, customizable and personalized as per the student all in their perspective.

Learning with VR
Image source: www.entrepreneur.com

Adaptive learning technologies such as Dreambox will help students learn the syllabus at their pace and understanding and it will all be accessible through the internet moreover could be interacted through VR, where the students can actually indulge and experience as they learn in 3d realism technologies like AR, VR or Mixed Reality.

2. Technology equipped classrooms

The classrooms of the future will be technology equipped complete with all the interactive and augmented courses. The traditional classroom teaching process will give way to a hybrid model of classroom, virtual and digital modes of education all combined to give the students a holistic experience. This kind of setup is already prevalent in many colleges and schools and in the future all of these processes will work alongside seamlessly thus integrating into the student’s learning experience.

Digital board at class rooms
Image source: dailygenius.com

The future of the syllabus will also see it getting updated on a real-time basis, as most of it will be rewritable data that will be fed to the students through all the available streams of communication. Some of the major differences in the technology-driven classrooms of tomorrow will be:

  • Digitization and Real-time Books: The future holds a great deal of digitization as mostly every book will be used in a digital format where their data can be updated on a real-time basis. This will make the stubborn and dull images come to life with a more interactive experience with videos and images.
  • M-Learning and Microlearning: M-Learning will revolutionize the learning experiences with the help of micro-sized bits of content that is delivered to the learners for frequent consumption.
  • Open Educational Resources: Education was and always will be taken for the gain of knowledge instead just to land a job. As more specialized education requirements pop up and the steady rise in tuition fees and college debt, more and more students in the future will opt for the open education resources that are interactive and utilize the latest technology to give the learners a classroom kind of experience and knowledge.
  • Social Learning: P2P learning is going to be a major contributor and a new form of information in education in the coming years. Peer 2 Peer learning can give you more valuable experienced from a rich community that shares ideas and information on each subject. This interactive platform can be a forum, quiz or even a role-playing interactive session.

3. Interactive games and simulations

Just like Room Quake, where a room is converted into an earthquake simulation, all educational experience will be simulated and could be interacted within the near future. This can be used in terms of Virtual reality where whole scenarios can be created to give you the best practical experience. This will be different from the textbook role play we have today. The learners will be well equipped, more vigilant and experienced when they are done with the Interactive gaming and simulation sessions.

Interactive games simulations
Image source: elearningindustry.com

Students can also work together in these virtual worlds like the multiplayer we have in the games today. They can solve problems, interact and get the best results as a team further strengthening the teamwork.

4. Teachers would be important

As textbooks are replaced by digital technologies and the classrooms become virtual in the future, the role of the teacher becomes even more important as they have to guide the learner through all the information, channels and devices to give them a perfect learning experience. Human touch is an important factor in the learning process as it will convey more than knowledge, such as emotion.

Importance of teachers
Image source: mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl

Teachers would be easily able to analyze the students, assess their progress both academically and personally and give them proper guidance throughout their learning cycle. As human emotion can be combined with robotic intelligence to give the best learning experience a student can get in the future.

5. Education and entertainment will merge

Nowadays there is a lot of entertainment content that is flowing through our devices. In the future, the entertainment content will be combined with education to give edutainment. Edutainment will change the way we consume entertainment as it will increase student interaction, engagement and retention rates.

Education Entertainment
Image source: www.globalcitizen.org

The introduction of AI will help get a unique perspective to your education content combining itself with slides, videos, podcasts and other sources of entertainment intelligently. It will also guarantee to be a way of fun and creative route to education helping a student learn faster, more efficient and also save time in the process.

6. Better student adaptation and performance

The inclusion of new technologies such as Smart classes, Virtual reality, and Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way education is fed to future generations. Teachers will be taking the role of guides and emotional support will play a huge role as there will be more time for individual attention to each learner. Blockchain is another technology that will change the way exams are taken and courses are completed.  When these highly advanced technologies are used in the right way paired up with a teacher, it will help the student get a holistic learning experience that is advanced, fast and effective.

Student adaptation performance
Image source: www.criticalcommons.org

The beginnings of these technologies can be found implemented in classrooms today, but the future looks bright for the new generation with the best technologies in progress to help make education exciting, fun, relevant and at the same time efficient and widespread.

The future generation is sure to bring in the very change the 21st century requires and it all may start with the right education. As we discover new technologies to make life simpler, we should also utilize it to make education cheaper, relevant and defining in the future. It always the efforts of today that will reap as rewards tomorrow.