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The Great Joy of Going on Road Trips with your Family and Friends

Is your vacation still overdue with your friends or Family? Perhaps a Bachelor’s party or a trip to sightsee some natural wonders. Taking time off is essential for all of us to enjoy the better things in life – the company of your friends and family. While the festive season gets the togetherness you always cherish every year, the question is if everyone is having fun. Most of your visits will have your Mom may be busy cooking you treats all the time, Dad is talking to you about your career and stuff or even your friends coming down for hardly a few hours. 

It is while traveling with them to fun and interesting places is when everyone has fun. Again, even this activity cannot be so cherishable and involving if you decide to go around by flight, train or bus as keeping up with the schedule, havings others around, etc can hardly be a fun and joyful way to travel. The perfect way to get the best of your trip is to go on a Road trip. By that, we mean going in a car or bike with your friends or family in a spontaneous and chilled manner. 

Top Reasons why going on a Road trip is more fun than other ways

Freedom from flights, train, bus
Freedom from flights, train, bus
  • Freedom from Flight, Train or Bus Schedules

If there’s one thing that is the most annoying on any vacation or trip that you have taken, it has to be keeping up with the schedules of your travel such as flight, by train or even going by bus. Needing to be fully prepared on time and then commute to the airport, train or bus station on time is a big headache as you may not find all the things you want to take along, there’s traffic along the way or worse they be delayed or canceled. Avoid all of that and explore new locations in your time, chances are that you may find a lot of new places and have new experiences that can never be had on in public transport.

Explore new places
Explore new places
  • Explore New Places

Going on a Road has one big advantage that is the most rewarding and impossible other ways, that is exploring new places. Imagine traveling on a Bus, train or even a plane and spotting something amazing like a breathtaking view, a hidden waterfall or anything that will make you want to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. Well, you can’t exactly do that unless you’re traveling in a car or bike which is what road tripping brings as a consequence. The most fun you can have is when you try new things, go to new places and explore.

Fun moments of road trips
Fun moments of road trips
  • Talk, Discuss and Catch up 

It may be a while since you had a good conversation with your friends or family. Many tend to be very busy caught in our own priorities that we may not know much of what’s going on in their lives. Going on a road trip is when you can calmly talk, discuss things of interest, gossip and catch up about each other. As a group of friends or family, you can even discuss things, know the other person’s views, etc. There’s always going to more things to talk about than the time you have with them, so going on a road trip is a wonderful way to have some entertaining conversations.

Road trips with family
Road trips with family
  • Play Fun Games 

You can make the journey if in Car rather interesting rather than each of them looking down on their phones or dozing off by playing verbal games. There’s no dearth of them especially if you have seen the driving games Sheldon comes up within the Big Bang Theory. From I Spy, 20 Questions, Loop Game, Memory Games, Tongue Twisters and many more. You can have some desi fun too by playing games like Antakshari, Tambola(except the driver of course). You can make up one by being creative and have loads of fun. Can you wonder if playing games is really possible by traveling any other way?

Joy of road trips with friends
Joy of road trips with friends
  • Sing and Sync with Music

Music moves our soul, listening to songs and albums that are your gang’s or family’s favorite can be a rather fun and chilling out thing to do. There are various options such as FM Radio, Music CDs, Own Collection in a pen drive or even from one of the many streaming services like Gaana, Spotify and others can put you all in the mood to relax, shake or even shout out all as a gang. Imagine doing the same in a plane, train or even a bus, you will be looked at by others in an angry and irritated manner.  

Road trips with friends
Road trips with friends
  • Hog and Snack

Long journeys can be pretty tiresome and kind of boring after some time. What we generally do at home when we feel that way is to watch something on TV and grab something to eat that you like. Things like chips, biscuits, sandwiches, fruits, and others can just transform your mood into a cheerful one. On travel by general transport, it is essential that you bring everything that you like along burdening your bag a lot and forget about eating something hot, fresh or fun or what you get is what you can choose. That’s not the case while you’re taking a road trip as the highways do have a good number of food outlets, restaurants, cafes, etc among which you can choose your liking. Chance to try different local cuisines from authentic places can increase the appeal of your travel as it’s not only about the places but the culture too. Stop anywhere you like, buy what you want and just make it the way you want, not under control by a system.

Zoomcar Self-drive cars
Zoomcar Self-drive cars

Depending on the average cost of a flight ticket to go even to the next metro costing a few grand for each person one way too much more if the booking is done in short notice a family vacation by flight can literally cost you a bomb. It’s not so better with trains or buses too as long-distance means needing an AC coach with Sleeper is required again costing more based on the time you book and the travels chosen if its bus. Going by car can mean just the normal fuel cost and the toll charges. If you do not have a car or the suitable one to accommodate all of them then Zoomcar car rental is the best bet. With a wide array of options, flexible timings, quality vehicles and most importantly affordable rental charges get the best of all the Road trip fun without paying more than the conventional travel options. Check out some amazing offers on Zoomcar and plan a Road trip with your friends or Family right away! 

A few downsides to going on a Road trip

  • May Take More Time

A scheduled transport is in a system with the primary objective to minimize travel time thereby the stops are few. When you go on a road trip a schedule can be planned but just probably achieved so it is not for those who want to cover the most places and have FOMO. By a simple pre-plan, you can still make most of the trip where the journey is itself what you cherish and just the places you go to.

  • Driving Fatigue

More often than not, your trips may have tight schedules before it and later needing you to be well-rested and relaxed so you can resume back to work the following day. But on a road trip, it would be likely that just one or two of you may be driving the whole distance wearing you out. If that number is just one and the entire trip spanning more than 500 km it is wiser to take a Clear car rental outstation cab rather than your car or car rental as you will have a dedicated driver along the whole way with just a small increase in the overall cost. Plus with well-maintained vehicles, courteous drivers and unbelievably competitive packages, it is very convenient for family trips. See the Clear Car Rental tariff and package offers to believe it yourself and book your trip with guaranteed Cashback!

Q Clear Car Rental
Q Clear Car Rental

Well, the cost and other expenses of any trip all depends on what is your priority, budget, and requirements. If it is being very specific on what you can spend and what you value in exchange for your money by usually pre-planning months ahead, booking train tickets using local transport to go around, etc a road trip can be not a great idea. But if the fun time, experience and convenience with your friends or loved ones that once can cherish for a long time is what you are after, there cannot be a better option than going on a Road Trip. 

So start a Whatsapp group, discuss it out, fix the dates and pack your bags for fun and adventure with your friends or loved is long due! 

10 Reasons Self-drive Cars and Bikes Are Perfect for Your Next Road Trip

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Road trips have always been about freedom and you are never really free until you have that wind in your hair. For ages, we know that – road trips are the ultimate way to explore India and its diverse landscape. From the coastal routes to the outback adventures and the stretched out plain lands at the heart of the country. Road trips are all about fun, flexibility and exploration and the ability to take the road you want to your destination.

Times have changed and so has the ease of a spontaneous road trip even without owning a vehicle. Self-drive cars and bikes have revolutionized the way we hit the road with minimum hassle and instant access. Self-drive vehicles help you to make your journey at your own pace, stopping to see the sceneries and driving right into your own adventure away from the tourist trails. With a wheel in your hand and four on the road, you will be creating a unique holiday experience, and memories as you go on. Driving the coasts of Kerala and Goa, the hills of Nilgiris, off-roads of Ladakh and revering the Great Rann of Kutch self-drive bikes and cars are an ideal choice. We list down the 10 reasons self-drive cars are perfect for your next road trip

1. Self-drive cars and bikes give the flexibility of ownership

Owning a car or a bike comes with it its own responsibilities such as insurance, maintenance and in crowded cities like Bangalore a decent parking space. At this point in time, there are more vehicles on the road than ever which also adversely affects our environment. The easiest solution to this problem is the self-drive cars, which are rented out by you, driven by you and handed over after your use. It makes the process of travel easier without ever owning a car or a bike and gives you the flexibility to try out different vehicles and providers every time. And don’t worry about the condition, Self-drive cars and bikes are fully checked for faults, documents, and verified before being handed over to you. There are many self ride providers such as Drivezy, Royal brothers, Quick ride, Rentrip, Vogo, Wicked ride, Zoomcar, Unbandrive and more. So choose your destination, self ride partner, the self ride car or self ride bike and hit the road.

2. Self-drive cars and bikes give you the freedom to go anywhere anytime

Conducted and escorted tours come with a major drawback – you are at the whim of the operator and the driver or the other many people on the tour. This gives you no way to head out and explore on your own. Most probably these trips would be conducted on a bus, still excited? I thought so.

Switch to self ride cars and bikes and you will have the freedom in your hands, choose where you go, when you stop to listen to the sound of nature and skip those recommended places your organizer would suggest from the predefined itinerary. The road less traveled mostly gives you the best adventures. Zoomcar offers you some of the best deals on self-driving cars for your next road trip. Travel and trip enthusiast would be delighted to find the best Zoomcar discounts here.

3. Self-drive rentals let you indulge in a new car or bike every time

When you own a car or a bike, you face the law of Marginal Utility. In layman’s terms, you will soon get bored of the car by repeated usage and would feel less excited as time passes. We all crave to try the latest and the best bikes and cars, so why don’t you rent your favorite car and self dive them as you like. With an ever-increasing roster of cars and bikes, you are sure to get to tour in your dream car and bike. While it may not be affordable or practical to change vehicles frequently, you can get the new self-drive rentals every time for your entire Road trips and touring adventures. Get the best selection of cruisers, Superbikes and commuter bikes with WickedRide and click here to get amazing discounts on your next bookings.

4. Drive bikes and cars are perfect partners for exploring India

India is a vast country and you will need different types of vehicles for different types of terrains that India has to offer. You could be driving on the hills of Himalayas with the legendary Royal Enfield, off-roading with a Jeep Compass, and even diving interstate distances with a Hyundai Creta. The options are endless and you have the freedom to choose your ride as per your adventure. This is an amazing reason to rent a self-drive car and explores the corners of India, be it northeast, Kanyakumari, Leh or anywhere in between. Even as you land in a new city hire a self-drive car to explore it as you desire. Get the best deals on self-drive cars from Drivezy and unlock the best discounts by clicking here. The possibilities are endless.

5. Self-drive cars and bikes inspire you to detour and off-road as you want

Self-drive cars and bikes give you the ability and freedom to travel to new places without headache or any problems as they have 24-hour roadside assistance in India. You can also get unlimited kilometers and a higher bundle of distances according to the plan and package that you choose. Now, become the wanderer that you were meant to be with amazing services from Royal brother and get the latest and greatest fleet of self-drive bikes for rent and take that road less traveled. For the best offers on Royal Brothers click here.

6. Self-drive cars and bikes have smarter pricing for those unexpected road trips

Cost of travel is always a concern when planning a road trip. You need to keep your expenses low so that you can spend on other leisure activities. Self-drive cars and bikes only charge you for the distances that you would like to cover making them ideal for Road trips. Further, you can choose the duration of your rental and not end up paying for an entire day if you are taking a short trip. This adds to the freedom and flexibility to customize your ride, duration, and payment. So, for example, the next road trip gets the amazing self-drive cars in Bangalore from Urban Drive and pay for the miles and minutes that you ride. Click here for the best discounts from Urban Drive.

7. Self-drive cars and bikes offer an easy loss damage waiver

The space of self-driving cars has so advanced that you have the Myles cars gives you the option to free up your deposit by adding a nominal amount to the overall car rental. This nonrefundable fee would guarantee you waivers against all damages towards the vehicle on your drive. There are multiple other advantages such as Roadside assistance, cover against loss of documents and third party damage implications. This scheme is sure to give you peace of mind on your travels. But do note, you should not depend on the Loss damage waiver or insurance and drive responsibly as a true rider would. To check out the amazing deals, discounts and Myles cars coupons click here.

8. Self-drive cars and bikes have no maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is one of the most recurring expenses that come with the ownership of a car or bike. By choosing Self-drive bikes and cars you will incur zero cost on maintenance even if you rent it for a day or even months. The reason is that all the maintenance is taken care of by the Rental service and all you have to pay is the daily, weekly or monthly rental amount for the self-drive bike and cars. For example, in the major metro cities of India like Bangalore, it is hard to find a parking area. Self-drive bike rentals in Bangalore are the easiest way to go about your commute both in the city and on a trip without worrying about the maintenance or parking. Your only regular expense will be the fuel that you fill for the ride. The best self-drive bikes can be rented from Rentrip for long journeys and city rides and save on the maintenance of your bike. Further, get the best Rentrip coupons, offers and discounts by clicking here.

9. Self-drive bikes and cars offer free delivery and collection

Don’t you hate it when you need to rent a self-drive bike or car but need to pick it up from the other corner of the city? It makes the whole experience of renting a self-drive vehicle that much hassle and troublesome. With Vogo you have pickup stations located around the city and they do the pickup and drop off your selected vehicle. For amazing Vogo coupons and discounts click here.

10. Self-drive bikes coupons and self-drive car coupons for free rides

Self-drive cars and bikes are changing the way we rent vehicles. With more privacy than a taxi and a better choice of vehicles, you get the ultimate combination of driving the vehicle the way you want it. This makes executing road trips so much simpler and easy to plan in a short notice of time. The best self-drive cars and self-drive bikes are just a click away for your adventures. You can also use the exclusive coupons that are available on Vishumoney to avail flat discounts, free rides, and cashback with the booking of your favorite self-drive rental. So, don’t wait, choose your destination and hit the road get that rubber burning with the sun up high. As it’s said in a movie Wild Hogs goes “ride hard or stay home”.