Education is the cornerstone of a successful career and an impressive social life. When deciding on what to study and specialize in, it is very important to analyze yourself first. Because you are not only investing your time but also your hard-earned money, all while incurring opportunity cost when committing to your preferred course. While zeroing in on your decision, make sure to do your research on the viability and opportunities of the course and also that it aligns with your passions, abilities and your prior interests.

This is the first step in the direction of your preferred career and that is why it is important to not only choose the course but, also the way you take it. As the internet has become all the more accessible and affordable it is no longer mandatory to physically sit in a class for taking a course. Many universities and colleges provide recognized degrees, diplomas, certificate courses and free online courses to students around the globe. It is definitely a great option for people with commitments, relocation issues and wants to pursue part-time study while still on the job.

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Even though the online study in India is booming as more people sign up for national and international courses, the demand for studying abroad has only spiked. In the past decade, there have been more Indians studying abroad than ever before in history. Many prestigious universities and colleges offer scholarships for Indian students to study abroad covering many of their expenses. This is an amazing opportunity to study at the best institutions as well as get firsthand experience of life abroad. Before understanding, how to study abroad, it is important to understand why to study abroad. Further, students have higher chances of integrating into their society as compared to someone who studied in India.

We have compiled a list of 10 reasons to study abroad and study courses online in 2019, and these points will help you make the right decision for your next step in education.

The 10 reasons to study abroad are:

1.International Education

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The value of international education is monumental to your academic development. International education is very different from the education practices in India, and this different style of education will give you the boost needed to catapult your career exponentially. Including a lot of hands-on experiential learning and theoretical classes, the courses will give you an all-round development in your chosen field of study. It also helps you understand the host country’s people, culture and formalities to easily transition into their society. But choosing the right school plays an important role in your experience. Click here to read more about this.

2. Explore and travel the globe

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Some of our most important experiences lie in travel. A well-traveled person is a knowledgeable one, who understands different people and practices. Studying abroad can be your one-way ticket to traveling the world and new experiences. The best time for travel is during your student years when you get a lot of breaks fewer responsibilities. Many Indians studying abroad make it a point to travel the host and neighboring countries during their downtime. Immersing yourself in different cultures is invaluable and makes you a global citizen in all aspects both personally and professionally.

3. Experience a new culture firsthand

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Experiencing a new culture will make you aware of the commonalities and the differences between yours and the new culture. This will help you appreciate and connect with people and also join in on the festivities and conversations. This will decrease the depth of nuances as well as make you much integrated into society. Explore the rich customs, traditions, food, music, and history and get a better understanding of the people and the new country.

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4. Refining your Language and learn a new one

As of 2019, the majority of Indian students prefer to study in English speaking countries as compared to others. This trend has been well established but lately, we are seeing a demand for other countries as well such as France, Germany, Mexico, Japan and many more. This provides an exciting opportunity to hone your language and learn a new one at the same time. And, as they say, there is no better way to learn a new language than to dive right in. Learning the local language will also help you converse with the locals, help in day to day life and help you land a job.

5. Amazing Career Opportunities


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Career is one of the major reasons for choosing to study abroad. Getting an international recognition or a degree will help you land roles that are much more progressive and higher up the ladder. If you are returning to your home country, you will bring your rich experiences, culture, language skills and education to get you preferred by employers. If you plan on staying back abroad, you will be in a very good position to be hired and granted PR in the future. A plethora of choices opens up when studying abroad for Indians. For the best counseling on colleges and courses, click here.

6. Finding yourself and new interests

Sometimes it is important to travel, earn and live alone as this makes you more independent and self-sufficient. Back in your home country, you would have had the protection of your family and friends but in a new country, you will have to start from scratch. This lack of security helps you quickly understand the person you are, your interests and dislikes. This kind of experience will help you in easily making big decisions and becoming fully self-sufficient.  The best part is that it stays with you for life, defining you both as a person and a professional.

7. Honing your skills and learning new ones

In the job market, you are rated primarily on your skills and your experience. To gain the best skills from experts it is important to study abroad. As in our era, the skills are upgraded frequently and new practices are introduced every day,  it is important to experience it first hand and learn. Studying abroad will help you utilize the latest technologies, facilities, concepts, and ideas with ease. This will ultimately give you headway over others in your field and help you become an expert in your area. 

8. Diverse friends and international networking


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One of the standout features of studying abroad includes the chance to meet new people from all over the world. This will help you get a diverse set of friends and colleagues who will help in different ways. You will also learn about their cultures and will have better soft skills. As the whole world is one globalized market, it will be easy for you to get a boost in networking and will eventually help you get a foot in the door in hard to reach places.

9. Interning and part-time jobs

The experience of studying abroad will also give you various opportunities to get on the job experiences like interning and part-time jobs. These will give you first-hand experience of how it will be like on the job. As a student, these experiences will help clarify all doubts, give you amazing exposure and also help you get an income. These are also relevant when you start applying for jobs after the completion of your courses.

10. Scholarships and Admissions


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Once you have decided on the subject and the courses to pursue abroad, it is important to get the right guidance and information. There are many agencies like IDP where you can get course information, admission assistance and also guidance throughout your journey. You will also get the past and present student testimonials, reviews and experiences helping you make a well-informed choice. 

The advantages of studying abroad far outweigh its disadvantages, but one of the issues with this type of education is the need to stay long term abroad. Not everyone will be comfortable staying away from their commitments back home and some may even want to take the same course without leaving their home country, identity and current job. Studying online gives you the perfect workaround for this reason. More and more universities are bringing their courses online access to a wider pool of students around the globe.

The 10 reasons to study online courses in 2019 are:

1. Huge selection of programs and courses

One of the primary advantages of studying online is the fact that you will get to choose from a huge range of courses and programs online. The students can choose from a variety of subjects and courses spanning different lengths giving you more options than ever before. These online courses give you the real experience and syllabus taught online. You can find online courses with certificates and most of them with diplomas and degrees giving you official recognition.  Click here to browse the best online courses.

2. Flexibility

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Online courses are known for their flexibility, they can be taken from anywhere as long as there is a working internet connection. It also helps you juggle career, school and family life along with the online course. With a fixed schedule, you are free to learn the course as you want, utilizing your free time in keeping up with the course. Finally, it gives you the much-desired control over your time as you decide the progression of the course and study it at your ample speed of learning.

3. Reduced costs of education

Studying online has its advantages as you incur a fraction of the cost when compared to studying abroad. Most courses would have the same modules and outline and while studying online you can use the amazing facilities and online libraries to keep you informed and updated. The certification of most online courses carries the same weight age as the same ones taken at the universities.

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4. Technological ease of Studying

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Online courses are the best choice for people who do not wish to uproot themselves but would want to update and upgrade their knowledge and certifications. With the advent of new technologies, online courses are an easier and more fulfilling experience. A plethora of tools are used to get all information to the students such as Powerpoint presentations, documents, Ebooks, Videos, Webinars, and video conferences to give you interaction and information on your course.

5. Easy Networking

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Online courses help you in getting yourself well networked among your peers. It gives you the distinct opportunity of meeting scholars from around the world and connecting to them on a personal level. Many of the courses online are open to people from all countries, and most of them would include teams and teamwork. This will give you experience of working with people around the globe virtually to get the desired results. Growing your network and repute online is easy this way and will lead you to many unexpected opportunities eventually with a strong network.

6. Location independent

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Being location independent is a great advantage in today’s world. Many people take time off and travel the world, run a business and even pursue their passions. Online courses give you the best of both worlds as you can learn on your downtime and also travel and get location independence. This was not possible a few years ago, but the technology has caught up with this change. Now you could spend a year in Europe traveling and exploring and at the same time pursue a degree with the help of online courses.

7. Access and documentation

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Getting access to your courses 24 hours a day is an amazing thing. Accessing them from any device like mobile phones, tablets, computers or any other digital device will help you a lot in learning and utilizing your free time. All your information is stored safely online including training, discussion, projects, and emails. These can also be accessed anytime for a quick reference. This can also be used as a reference when in an interview as you don’t need to carry it along every time.

8. One on One study

Personalization of education is one of the most important factors coming to learning. While traditional classes lack the personalization or individual attention for every student, learning online courses gives you just that. There would be one on one session, guided discussions and personal talk time with the professors or instructors of the courses, giving you individual attention to clarify your doubts. This also enhances problem solving and communication skills making you grasp that much faster and efficiently.

9. Access to personalization and career progression

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Online courses help in giving you personalized modules as per your requirement. You can learn a module or two just to keep you updated without going through the entire degree course giving you the opportunity to learn what you want as per your need. This helps in the expertise in a certain domain, saving time and money while keeping you ahead of the crowd.

10. Getting ahead at 2X

Studying online courses help you in getting ahead in your career faster than your peers. This is because you have the option to work as well as study online adding to your experience while gaining a degree. When your peers graduate, you will have a degree as well as the working experience. This makes you more preferred to potential employers as you have on the job experience and is not a fresher.

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Both studying abroad and studying courses online has its own pros and cons. The decision as pointed out should be made on your priorities, commitment, spending power as well as your requirement. You will not be disappointed by choosing either of both and will it most certainly help you progress in your career path in a very nimble way.