Throughout the world, if at all there is a time where the entire globe celebrates it’s the new year period. New years Eve symbolizes never-ending parties, non-stop flow of drinks and illuminating fireworks. It has been noted that the majority of the holidaying happens during this period as everyone wants to relax after celebrating Christmas. Now the biggest question is where to go for the best places to celebrate new years? All the obvious places of holidaying are flooded with tourists and nobody wants a crowded place if the goal is to relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

Lets us explore some unique New Year’s Eve getaway.


If you are a foodie and has some real deep passion for tasting mouth-watering delicacies, Bologna might just be the best places to visit for new years that Italy can offer. After spending the morning sightseeing, one can hope into any of the city’s wine shops or hotels and can stay assured to be served with some real gastronomic delights. One can enjoy a traditional bowl of Bolognese or even a Tortellini.


Budapest is considered one of the best party destinations with festivals and concerts that run throughout the year. New year’s eve just adds to it making it one of the best places to visit for a holiday. For partygoers, even the streets are a delight with music playing till early hours making it one of the top new year destinations. There are even firework displays organized in certain locations if you are lucky. On the eve the Chain bridge is blocked for car traffic and one can simply spend the time at the bridge while the count down begins. The best part is one can have a nice view of both Buda and Pest.

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What could be a better place for celebrating new year than Disneyland? Disney land has the hospitality second to none and when it is new year’s eve, a place that holds parties every night one can expect how grand a party it would be for welcoming the new year. They organize themed parties with a special menu for their guests.


If at all there is a place that has more attendance than the time square garden during the new year’s eve, it’s the Sydney harbour thereby it is one of the top new year destinations. Sydney is famous for its world-famous New year’s eve fireworks. The tradition of showering candle from the bridge to the water below and the pyrotechnic show which has a unique theme every year are some of the things that should not be missed if in Sydney during the new year’s eve.


Dubai is unmatched when it comes to the extensive galore of manmade spectacles which is why it is one of the best places for new years. For a place that is known for making everything grand, the parties they host equally showcase their grandeur. Fireworks can be seen from public places and the decadent parties from the almighty Burj Khalifa need no description.


Unlike Dubai, Muscat is a quiet place with lots of natural diversity and cultural heritage thereby is one of the must-visit places to go for new years. It might not be the best place for hardcore party goers however the city has its own way of welcoming the new year in a very unique way. Muscat youth organize a huge car rally party with Arabic songs and dancing to the beats dangling from the car windows.

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7.Cape Town

Being the mother city of South Africa, Cape town is one of the most favourite tourist spots for spending the New Year. The Table Mountains are known for their fireworks. Celebrate New years eve looking at the grand spectacle while looking forward to a great year ahead.


Greece presently might not be doing great when it comes to the economy however, large scale new celebration with relatively low cost for entertainment makes this place a must-go for all the tourists. Having lots of outdoor venues, Athens might be the next place anyone would want to visit this holiday period as one of the places to visit for new years.


Being named the rock capital of India, Shillong has a mixed culture when it comes to celebrating the new year. The city gets filled with neon lights and stars welcoming the new year making it the top of new year destinations in India. Shillong would be an ideal spot for all the music lovers who wish to celebrate the new year.

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10.Rio De Janerio

Centred at the Copa Cabana beach, when it comes to new year celebration, this is one of the topmost events for every tourist. As shown in the image above, who wouldn’t agree that Rio is one of the best places to celebrate new years.


Denver would be an ideal spot for anyone who would want to trade their beer for a bubbly. This city does offer a lot that cant be enjoyed legally in many places thereby featuring among the top best places to visit for new years. They host fireworks that start as early as 9 pm and is a very good place for families.


Fireworks is something that is common in every new year celebration, but Finland offers something very unique to their citizens. Fireworks are sold to the public and they are allowed to burst them from 6 pm on December 31st to 2 am on the eve of New Year.


Located in Portugal, Porto is an unusual place with beautiful bridges and sweet port wine. The city hosts some amazing fireworks with plenty of outdoor venues for celebrating the new year.

14.San Miguel de Allende

This city is never dull be it any point of the year, but when it comes to new year’s eve, this city shines with parades and music all over the streets. The pyrotechnic shows hosted by this city is unique and disappoints none making it one of the best cities for new years even for every traveller. 


When in Edinburg its Hogmanay not new year’s eve if you don’t want to offend the locals. Their celebration runs for three days, with functions that involve the Viking torch parade. The even the street outside the Edinburg castle hosts a grand party with music, dance and outdoor bars making it one of the best places to spend the new year.

However it is that you celebrate the coming of this New Year 2020, do try to make one of your resolutions about travelling.

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