OYO Rooms for Unmarried Couples – The Rise of Couple-friendly Hotel Booking in India

As another decade is drawing to an end, India is labeled as a space race superpower in lines with most of the heavyweights in the world. The economy has been growing at an astonishing rate and the world’s largest democracy has seen it holding the largest election the world has ever seen. India also holds one of the highest adult populations in the world, giving it a robust workforce for the years to come. So, why is OYO setting out to do with its latest initiative, that calls itself OYO rooms for unmarried couples, let’s find out!

Lately, I’ve been noticing that we are going through a really important transition as a country. While our morals stay the same, we can’t help but adapt to the technological and foreign influence that rains upon us on a daily basis. Modernization is the word, and there is a radical shift in attitudes, lifestyles, and expectations from the young adults in India, which often may not be in line with the transparent laws of the society. I am also sure that we are at an all-time high in terms of unmarried couples present in India. India though progressing has been stuck in the old ages in terms of few aspects including the unmarried coupling of men and women and other combinations. But, since this is a very relevant topic, it would be easier to arrive at a solution with the right questions.

So how does the unmarried couple find privacy, you ask?

Simple, OYO rooms for unmarried couples are a unique concept where they give couple access to couple-friendly hotels around your city. Rather than being frowned upon and unjustly scrutinized, these OYO hotels provide the couples a pleasant stay, as well as cause no disturbance and unforeseen situations. This makes it a safe bet for all couples that decide on comfort and privacy as they can check in the hotel in the normal way and can rest assured that there will be no interference and moral policing that would take place during their stay.

The best solutions are always the simplest, and there is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying in a room together. With the increasing media reports of unwelcomed couples in hotels to getting rejected after booking confirmation is received do make up some of the instances that have brought to light the issue of the lack of couple-friendly hotels in India.

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You might think ‘why would hotels discourage unmarried couples?

Its again simple, most hotels argue that they are unwilling to taint their image and reputation by allowing unmarried couples to stay. They fear being judged, harassed by the authority and even being blacklisted in the process. And since even the authorities encourage this, it was considered the norm up until disruptive companies like OYO decided to stretch their beliefs.

In the past, this has let down a lot of couples in India, and a solution was not brought up until now, with the rise of couple-friendly rooms sprouting out around the country at a rapid rate.

Wondering! How this concept work and are hotel rooms safe?

  • The OYO Rooms for unmarried couples is a concept created to bypass the objections and aid Unmarried couples who are looking to rent rooms without any complications. Since it is an online portal there is no need for any human interaction while booking and OYO rooms for unmarried couples policies are very much in-depth and seamless to give the most comfortable stays, every time.
  • OYO has a functionality called the Relationship mode in their app, which when turned on, sorts out all of the hotels that welcome unmarried couples in your desired search location. These hotels would allow both unmarried couples and normal check-ins as well. The OYO relationship mode is a way to book your Couple friendly hotel rooms the fastest and easiest.  You can later turn off the Relationship mode and go back to the normal searches. Alternatively, ‘OYO welcomes couple’ can be chosen for the same desired result in the website filters.
  • With the demand for couple-friendly hotels rising 10 times in the last half of the decade, OYO promises to meet that demand with surety that there will be more than enough rooms for couples who are booking hotels belonging to the same city of their stay or otherwise.
  • Safety is the topmost priority with OYO’s safe and secure hotels, unmarried couples can book and check in with their local ID’s and the hotels are equipped with well-trained staff that understand and ensure the privacy and safety control and ensure that you have a pleasant stay.

One for the future with OYO Rooms

Since the birth of this category, the number of check-ins for Unmarried couples are increasing day by day. The old mindsets and cultural binds are changing slowly but steadily and we might even soon reach a day when an unmarried couple seeking a room may not be a taboo. Until then, OYO rooms for unmarried couples provide the safest way to enjoy your private time as a couple in India. In case you are considering booking out an OYO room as a couple, click here to apply our exclusive coupon codes for instant discounts and cashback. There is still a lot of distance to cover till couple-friendly OYO rooms reach all corners of India and OYO expects to achieve that in the coming years. No law still prohibits unmarried couples from renting a hotel room, but as our national values change slowly being on the safer side is the best with the OYO Rooms. 

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