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The day after COVID-19: How online shopping is the key to future

The year 2020 has been a year of much turbulence and a lot of learning. The world has been struck with one of the deadliest and fast-spreading viruses named COVID 19.

While the first half has been somewhat of a reaction and adaptation to the newfound scenario, early into August we are well-tuned with the reality. One of the biggest impacts has surely been to the economy, which has spiraled down drastically leaving thousands in its trails.

India has been one of the worst struck countries by far, with the cases on a steady rise for months on end. Top scholars and economists have speculated a backward trend for the future but there is a silver lining to be found here.

The ecommerce magic

While some of the companies struggled to stay afloat, and while some perished, a few did very well. One of those companies is Amazon. Amazon has seen its share increase to an eye-popping 1.5 trillion dollars. This has become a major proof that online business is safe from recession to a certain extent.

This is mainly because of the lack of physical assets of interactions needed to make a purchase or make a sale. This new found way of commerce will not only transform the economy but also get more people online.

The pandemic proof online advantage

Creating an online business and attracting customers has never been easier than it is now. Since the majority of the business have switched or are transitioning online, it is the place to be.

Some of the major waves are led by sites such as Vishumoney, Paytm, and Reliance retail. Vishumoney has found the perfect niche, being there at the right place at the right time to give customers amazing discounts, offers, and Vishumoney coupons for their online purchases.

Paytm has enabled India to not use physical cash but use the digital one instead making it the perfect payment solution during this pandemic. Reliance has not only transformed India with Jio but now the new Reliance Mart seems to give a tough competition to the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Bigbasket, and more.

The day after COVID 19

As with everything, there is a positive effect and this has brought the world to be digitally enabled. This also makes sure that some of the top companies of the future have a very big dependence on digital and eCommerce. With vaccines being developed around the world it is just a matter of time till we are all safe and this is a thing of the past.

In such a situation it is essential to remember the turning point of our economy and modes of purchase. The next generation will surely be an online generation equipped to tackle any future events and crashes with eCommerce.

Companies like Reliance, Amazon, Vishumoney and others have played an important role and it is up to us to support and grow as the world changes before our eyes.


The Ultimate Guide to Raksha Bandhan 2019 with awesome gifting ideas

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most famous festivals in India, celebrated this year on the 15th of August in 2019. This is the day when bonds are made and renewed between brothers and sisters, cementing their everlasting mutual love and faith for each other. Sisters tie a thread on the wrists of the brothers as a promise of togetherness and the promise of being there for them. In return for their expression of love, brothers showers Raksha Bandhan gifts on their sisters.

As the word Raksha Bandhan implies, ‘Raksha’ being protection and ‘Bandhan’ stands for bonds. This festival reflects on the bittersweet relationship that brothers and sisters share with protection and love at the heart of the festival. So this Raksha Bandhan we have compiled and listed down all the things you need to know about and celebrate this festival with joy and happiness.

The dos and don’ts of Raksha Bandhan

For Women

  •  Raksha Bandhan is the time of joy and giving when you can tie Rakhi to your brothers, cousins and even friends who treat you like family. Since there are no strict rules for whom you can celebrate it with, it’s time to show some brothers you care!
  • Even though you tie the Rakhi for your brother, make sure to gift him something as well. There are lots of interesting items that would impress him. To get a fair idea of the best items to gift your Rakhi brother, read on.
  •  Do not judge anyone with the kind of gifts they present you, understand that the idea of gifting is the real gesture of love. Maybe, it may not have met your expectations but it will surely signify something more than what money can buy.
  • Send your greetings and love to those brothers who are not at close proximity and at a far off geography. Brother-sister relationship transcends distance and a simple message from you wishing them would make their day. But if want to be daring, send the gifts or seek services where they deliver your gifts directly to your brother wherever they are.
  • Also, beware not to tie Rakhi on the people who you consider are more than friends like your crushes, boyfriends, husbands and so on!

For Men

  • Always brainstorm gifting ideas, or read the latter part of the blog to have a collection of well thought out gifting ideas to choose from. Also, make sure to go through Raksha Bandhan offers to get the best ones available and get discount coupons from Vishumoney.
  • Stay afar from Ladies for whom you have plans of courting eventually. Even if it’s all in your mind!
  • Mend all the broken relationships this Raksha Bandhan as this festival gives you the opportunity to spread love and prove to your friends that you really care for them even if you had issues between yourselves.
  • The act of helping a stranger is an act of kindness that does not go unnoticed. There are a lot of needy and unprivileged around us who would never get to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Meeting them and treating them to a good time would really make your day well spent.
  • Raksha Bandhan imparts renewed strength to the brother-sister relationship and also coincided with the full moon of August making it perfect to travel together for a short vacation or indulge an adventure together that will not only tighten the bond but also leave plenty of memories for later

Now you know what is crucial do’s and don’ts for successfully navigating through Raksha Bandhan, let’s understand what are the best gifts that would leave a lasting impact for your Rakhi brother and sister. The items we specified are easy to purchase and well researched to the point that we can guarantee that you would make a positive impression. To make it easier we have segregated the list into men and women so that you can easily sort through without too much scrolling and wait.

Here is the list of the best gifts you can give this Raksha Bandhan:

For you Sis

Women’s accessories

We know sisters and they love to have lots of accessories in their closet. No sister would say no to an accessory. So this Raksha Bandhan gifts your sister accessories such as bangle, Shoes, Heels, Bags and more goodies. You are guaranteed to get a smile on your sisters to face along with a big thank you. Get the best accessories from Amazon and get amazing discounts on all accessories by clicking here.

Customized Sister frame or photo frame

  A customized frame that says sister or has a great picture of both of you being together will bring forth a lot of happiness and good vibes. A sister frame can be customized to suit your preference. This will show your sister how much cared for she is. This can also be a cool gift to present to your female friends as this will signify a stronger bond in your relationship. You can get fully customizable frames from Print Venue and get the best discounts by clicking here.

Funky Journals

Get your sister funky journals even if she is an avid aspiring writer or not. You can also gift her memory journal of she likes to write down her memories with a pen. If she is interested in traveling, gift her traveler’s journal where she can jot down her travel experiences on the go. You can find journals of all colour make and kinds. You can buy them from Flipkart.com and click here to get the best discounts.


Get your sister the best clutches to handbags as it is a must-have for every lady. You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a bag or clutches as they come in many designs, shape, make and Brands. Make it a point to gift her something that comes in handy. Eg; if she’s a working woman gift her a bag that is large enough to hold all of the essentials every day. Get the best Bags from Spoyl and click here to get the best discounts.

Junk Jewellery

Junk Jewellery is another great thing to gift your sister. These are relatively cheap and gives her the freedom to pair it with both ethnic and western outfits. The products can range from neckpieces, rings, anklets, and bracelets and more which can be mixed and matched for that special look. Further, you can save money on the jewellery purchases with the exclusive discount coupons available on Vishumoney for Biba. You can also get huge cashback with your purchase from Vishumoney.

You can get more amazing women’s gifting ideas here. The list of products could be endless!

For your Bro

Men’s Stylish T-shirts

Men love T-shirts and it is a perfect gift for every man to possess a stylish T-shirt for every occasion. Get your brother up to speed with the best T-shirts found on Amazon and get amazing discount by doing it. Also, be sure to gift him according to his style which he can flaunt on casual occasions or at the office. Get amazing discounts with the best coupons, click here.

A perfume

Gift your Rakhi brother the best and premium perfume this Raksha Bandhan. People judge you on how you feel around them and to be fully confident you definitely have to smell good. The best perfumes make men smell attractive and bold. Select from the range of top-end perfumes from The Body store and get amazing discount coupons for your purchase by clicking here.


A good jogger will not only help you while doing your jogs and workouts but can also double as athleisure wear at the time of casual outings and meetings. Men are increasingly wearing joggers more and more and are definitely a product that is so much in style this year. Give your Rakhi brother the motivation to hit the gym and keep himself fit by jogging and other exercises by gifting him with a pair of new joggers. Get the best offers on the latest Joggers, click here.

Leather Duffle bag

Duffle bags are spacious and easy to handle giving you the freedom to use them in many situations. Whether it is travel, hitting the gym, or ever carrying clothes a classy leather duffle bag is both stylish and a compact option for your Rakhi brother to carry along. Get the best selection of bags from Myntra and also get amazing discounts on Leather Duffle Bags. Click here.


Men’s wallet is an important part of their personality and as important as what is inside them. Latest trends such as a minimalist wallet would be a perfect gift for your brother as they will not only help him store his cash but also helps him gain respect among others. This slim textured minimalist wallet does not make your pockets bulky and stand out. The compactness will allow him to carry it in any kind of dress and pants. Click here to get the best discounts on wallets.

P.S. men love headphone, click here to see the best ones.

 We hope you like our recommendation for a successful Raksha Bandhan, we have also attached links to get you amazing discounts from Vishumoney

12 reasons why online grocery shopping in India is booming

“I buy everything online”, The frequency of people saying these words are increasing day by day. Online retail in India is growing at an astronomical rate and it is set to change the way Indians do their shopping. But how much is the realistic growth of online shopping in terms of grocery when  new-age startups has taken up the challenge to deliver fresh groceries and other products directly to your home. As Industry giants shift their focus introducing new verticals exclusively for groceries, we take a look at how this revolution will forever change the way you buy your essentials.

Evolution of brick and mortar stores to online eCommerce platforms  

Bargaining is a common practice in India and it is synonymous with brick and mortar grocery stores in India. India is a vast country, and to reach the billion-plus people living here, we need to devise newer, faster, more efficient technology backed ways to bring groceries and make the process accessible. Online grocery shopping is picking up steam and the wide access to the internet is becoming the standard, we are in the middle of an e-commerce revolution. Just like how fashion and electronic purchases shifted from brick and mortar stores to online platforms, emerging online grocery retail is growing its grip in India.

Some of the major grocery online stores that are changing the Industry are companies such as Grofers, Big Basket, Amazon, Flipkart, Natures Basket and many more that are competing to give you the best experience while making your grocery shopping. They have dedicated websites as well as responsive mobile apps that would be accessible to you at any point in time. Log into Vishumoney for the best discount coupons on your grocery shopping

12 reasons why online grocery shopping in India is booming are:

1. Increased variety and greater selection

One of the main advantages of shopping online is the sheer variety of products and the flexibility to choose them at will. With no constraints of space, online shopping grocers give you a greater selection over a much wider product range that is simply not available in brick and mortar store and supermarkets. Traditional shopping limits you in terms of location and the logistics of travel while online shopping gives you the geographical freedom to purchase your products from anywhere accessing a greater pool of brands, products, and offers. To get the best products and the widest selection through Vishumoney, click here.

2. Several options for delivery

One of the most unique and interesting parts about buying groceries online is that not only do you get the best quality products but you get it delivered to you at the comfort of your home. This cuts the handling and logistics part of purchasing and gets it delivered to your doorstep eliminating the effort of carrying heavy bags and transporting them. Your grocery online order will soon be delivered to you once it’s placed, giving you an accurate delivery date and time. With multiple payment options and modes of delivery, online grocery shopping is the most efficient and cost-effective way of buying products online. Get free home delivery from Easyday club, click here.

3. Competitive prices, comparisons, and savings

While in traditional shopping discounts are rare to come by, but that is not the case in online grocery shopping that gives you jaw-dropping discounts for your purchases. Buying your grocery online gives you the best of both worlds as you can compare all the products at a click of a button and also get the best products at a lower price point as they cut out all the middlemen in the supply chain giving them more flexibility to price the products and give amazing discounts. So an online store can give you what a local store cannot, and that gives you all the product at the lowest prices at a click of a button. That also brings into account that continuous purchase from online grocery will give you significant compounded savings after a certain amount of time. To get the best offers on groceries from Grofers, click here.

4. Time-saving and faster processing

The process of buying online not only helps you save money online but also helps you to process your orders faster. In traditional supermarkets and local stores, you need to stand in queues, billing the products, parking headaches and wastage of time trying to find the right products and them comparing them with each other. It is much more productive to get to a prominent online store like Big Basket, and purchase the products that will give you faster processing and delivery without any hassle and also give you guaranteed delivery no matter the weather. No matter what conditions may strike and the change in your schedule, the delivery will be made as per the promised time and date. Get 20% off on first order from Natures Basket, click here.

5. Convenient 24-hour shopping

In the case of online shopping, it does not follow any time restrictions or guidelines which give it the freedom to operate 24 hours a day. This makes it super efficient and comfortable for the customer to book their favorite products at any point of the day or the night. At one click the whole range of products would appear to you on the screen giving you the benefit of shopping when you are free and rather make time for shopping. You also don’t have to worry about the stores closing or keeping the exact change for your purchase, as you will have unlimited time to browse, compare and buy your favorite products at a click of a button. Get 20% off on groceries from Grofers.

6. Increase in purchasing power

The increase in household wealth has positively helped the new-age startup space and the online grocers are benefitting from the sudden influx of the average household income and the positive trend of the economy. As the metro cities are growing bigger and the people in the city are more tuned to technology, the hyperlocal online grocery shopping services can find their ideal customer bases here. The purchasing power has also helped the people get the best value for money as you can get better products at competitive prices. You can get all the home supplies and groceries with Amazon at 15% off, click here.

7. The clean and hands-free shopping experience

Shopping from your local store or a supermarket can be a messy experience as you can get tired, bored or even exhausted and agitated shopping in between a crowd of people. Shopping carts that are used by hundreds of people every day, the unhygienic queues and other factors may cause displeasure in your experience. In buying your products through the app or website, you can easily check the availability instead of roaming around the aisles and eventually getting confused. Get the best products from flipkart, click here.

8. Easy accessibility of the stores

Though local shops and supermarkets make up for most of the Indian grocery store spaces in India, online grocery gives you much more freedom to view more varieties of products and is also easier to find products by just searching in the search tabs. You can also get easy access to your favorite stores by logging into their website or even downloading their app to get a more personalized experience. You can get the easiest access to all the products, and even get a discount while doing it from Big Basket, click here.

9. No impulse buys and unnecessary spending

We have all have a sudden impulse buying urge. This is triggered by the placement of products that unconsciously attracts you to a point you buy it even if it isn’t required. In a supermarket, you may spend on products that you may hardly use leading you to regret your decision. While you are shopping online these kinds of issues and impulses are low because you are browsing for predefined products and then adding them into a cart. Even you can avoid the impulse decisions of the kids through online shopping giving you more satisfaction, more savings, and easier purchase experience.

10. Effortless returns and replacements

Replacing a faulty or perished product online is easier than offline. While it may be the fact that you noticed the product after you purchased it and brought it home, when you buy online you will have the freedom to return it at a click of the button. This means that your items that are supposed to be returned will be collected by the delivery persons from the company and you can hand over from your home instead of going to the supermarket if you to buy it from a physical supermarket. Your amount to be refunded will be credited to your online wallet with which you can make your next purchase. This makes the process easy and efficient for all the parties involved.

11. Simple Reorder process

One of the most repetitive activities that we do is the reordering of the same products that we require on a frequent basis. So taking the time off your schedule to refill and reorder from physical stores and local supermarkets are a time-consuming and very inefficient way of making your purchase. A better alternative is to get your daily essentials from online grocery shopping services like Big Basket and Grofers, where you can give specific intervals for reordering and get the products in every few days delivered straight to your home. You can also get discounted rates and other offers for products that you reorder on a regular basis. Checkout Vishumoney to get the best deals for your purchases and save regularly with every purchase.

12. Easy access to online coupons and discounts

The best part about purchasing from an online grocery shopping service is that you can get amazing discounts for your purchases. Local Indian grocery stores can offer a certain limited discount for your purchases, but when you purchase from sites like, Big Basket, Grofers and other grocery online stores you can get instant discounts and offers by applying the exclusive coupons that are available on coupon sites like Vishumoney. Vishumoney gives you all the best and latest coupons that you can apply to get amazing discounts every time you purchase. You also stand to get amazing cashback with your every purchase further giving you more savings. To get the best offers for groceries, click here.

8 Reasons Why Every Indian Shopper Should use Coupons

Online shopping has picked up a lot in the last few years with the advancements in technology, ease of internet access and the openness of people to buy online.  Purchasing online not only saves you a lot of money but also time. One of the main reasons online stores are so popular is because of their ability to give lavish discounts compared to the brick and motor stores. In an attempt to maximize the sales the online stores have come up with many concepts including flash sales, offers, and coupons.

Why use coupon codes and how to find them?

Coupon codes are similar to the coupons that were found in the newspapers and magazines, but now will all the shoppers being online there are online coupon codes for your purchases. The amazing thing with coupons is that they are very easy to find. There are a variety of coupon codes that can be found for a plethora of products online and all you have to do is select the code that represents the products that you want to purchase.

You can find the coupons on websites which showcase the latest coupons and offers. But finding the right website and the right coupons are always a hurdle as some of them may be invalid or expired. The best coupon website with the latest and most relevant coupons is Vishumoney.com, where you can find amazing coupons and promo codes to get you the best prices on every purchase you make. You also get a guaranteed cashback with all your purchases to give you those extra savings. So, we recommend you apply the coupons for your next purchase and get the best offers and deals from Vishumoney.

Here are the reasons why Every Indian shopper should use coupons

Save money on every purchase

Online coupons are the best way to get your shopping and save money at the same time. Online shoppers are always searching for ways to get their favorite products at a discounted price and they can save some serious cash by applying coupons on their purchase. Coupons range in the kind of discounts they offer but can give you discounts that you usually don’t find. Coupons help you save on all your purchases and the money can be used for other activities. You can bring the price even down when coupling coupons with an ongoing sale and with exclusive cashback as done on Vishumoney.

Buy more items for no extra cost

We all love getting more things for lesser cost and now by using coupons you can buy more products and services all while keeping the cost relatively low. Buying additional items and spending less on buying more items means that your purchasing power has increased by using coupons to make your purchases. Whatever the occasion Coupons codes and promo codes help you save money online. So, when you love a product and it has been on your bucket list, find your coupons and acquire the product at a discounted price.

Try out new products and services

There have always been things and products you wanted to purchase but kept delaying because the price did not fit. By applying Promo codes and Coupon codes you can significantly bring down the cost of every product and start experimenting with new products that you never dared to purchase. This freedom of purchase will open doors for new possibilities and experiences and will surely leave you enriched and happy. Coupons make users eager to try new things, and if they are satisfied they tend to become a loyal customer.

Smarter buying decisions

Buying decisions depend on hundreds of factors and while shopping online one of the main factors affecting our decision is the price. But with coupons, buyers do preliminary research of the product and find ways to save money on their purchase online. This can be anything from purchasing apparels to the grocery to a laptop and more, you can find the best way to get your product using coupons. Some smart users wait and combine the sale, coupons and offer to get the maximum out of their purchase. Search Vishumoney.com for coupons and let the smart buyer in you take charge.

Keep track of your savings

Coupons help you keep track of your saving as you get a fair idea of how much was your expenditure and how much you have saved on the purchases. For a person who is single or for a family, the ability to track the total savings helps plan their other purchases and activities. In his book The Millionaire Mind, author Thomas J Stanley talks about the millionaires using coupons that save a few dollars as they look at the bigger picture. It is not the money that is saved in one shopping session, rather the money that can be saved during a lifetime of using coupons.

Increased brand awareness

Brands are very conscious of their target market and want to increase their customer base in any way possible. You may want a certain product but not be aware that there is more than one brand that is available. Using coupons can help increase your awareness through the use of discount coupons. You can find yourself trying out a whole new range of brands at a discount rate. And you can find the best coupons on Vishumoney, also get amazing cashback with all of your purchases.

Easy, quick and handy to avail

When it comes to purchasing and discounts nothing beats a coupon or a promo code as they are easily available and easy to apply and gives you instant discounts. The coupon code can be found for any product ranging from apparels, accessories and more of almost all the brands in most of the online retail outlets. The best way to get maximum out of your coupon is to select your product, fetch the coupons related to you products from coupon sites like Vishumoney and apply them at the time of checkout to get the instant discount. Forget the rest and get your favorite products at the lowest price with coupons and promo codes. For example, browse through the best Flipkart coupons here.

Chances of getting extra gifts Cashback and rewards

Making your purchases using coupons not only gives you amazing offers and discounts but also gives you the best cashback and rewards for using the coupons. This, in turn, will give you more savings than actually using only the coupons, and you can get amazing value for your purchases. Today’s online buyers are conscious about the products that are available and the number of discounts and savings they can make from it. Leading coupon sites like Vishumoney.com gives you instant cashback for all your purchases made through it. So, get shopping with coupons and save