The first step in identifying any diseases is a medical diagnosis, and the accuracy of the treatment will always depend on the accuracy of the diagnosis. As the Indian economy grows at a rapid pace, the Indian diagnostic services market is taking shape with online medical services, in providing for the increased demand for convenient healthcare service and care. India ranks very low in the medical index compared to other countries as we are unable to bring fast, responsive, quality healthcare and diagnosis to the 1.5 billion people that reside here. As new industries get disrupted with the current advancements in technology, we can expect the same for the diagnostic market in India through healthcare apps or health apps.

The challenge that the diagnostics market may face would be, to use this expansion in technology in the right and best possible way. Also, to use the opportunity to reach all the previously unreachable areas and people thus, stretching the umbrella of healthcare in India. The advancement is set on the right track with the industry set to grow to $12.3 billion dollars by 2020. Currently, the majority of services in the Diagnostic market are from pathology comprising up to 58 percent of the total revenue.

The shift and progress of home Health Services

The major shift to change this industry has been the funding by private players and logistics chain technology development, enabling small players to spread their wings and become more aggressive in the market thus, propelling the industry forward. Seeing the growth and potential of the market, nowadays even the hospitals and other corporate houses have also started offering such services or investing in these diagnostic services players, (even buying them outright) giving rise to higher standards and growth.

Lab test depict
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As the healthcare industry is witnessing its transformative years, it is a fact that supplementing service such as Diagnostic services has carved itself a big opportunity as 70 percent of healthcare is based on diagnostics. Testing is also changing the way people conduct their health checks, get hold of personalized medicines, monitor and calculate the progression of diseases like lifestyle diseases

Changing the dynamics, changing the game

All businesses try creating value for the customer and that includes diagnostic services as well. With Healthcare Technology so advanced and connected, the customer experience has also become one of the major pillars in the industry. Since there is constant customer interaction, it is important to create value and make the process as easy as possible. The latest diagnostic services have brought its services to the customer at his request. Some of the main diagnostics tests such as home blood collection, quick and accurate reporting of several diseases like infectious disease etc. are bringing in a positive change and giving customers unmatched value.

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The increasingly changing dynamics and the competition in the industry, has demanded the services to be price-sensitive and brought interest in quality services in the best possible rates, making sure all the labs are at their optimal working capacities at all time. New policies, business models and technological advancement will bring in big change.

Top online medical services taking the Lion’s share

Medlife labs
MedLife Labs

Medlife Labs: Leading the pack, Medlife Labs tests offering the highest array of tests, packages with convenient features like home sample collection, test status tracking, online medical report, etc. Tests include vital ones like CBC, Kidney Profile, Liver Profile, Lipid Profile amongst others. Medlife Lab tests offer these services directly and with reputed partners at affordable costs, with best offers running time to time updated regularly.


1MG Labs: Another trailblazer in the online medical services, that especially includes Diagnostic tests is 1MG Diagnostics. Primarily it’s a medicine delivery healthcare app that provides last-mile connectivity of the service. 1MG has not only foresaw the demand for convenient medical diagnosis but, invested heavily on getting the service worthwhile for the common man. All the popular diagnostics tests are offered for home sample collection, plus quality healthcare packages offered at best deals on 1MG with Cashback.


Practo: Known as the Go-to healthcare app to book doctor’s appointments, studying their user’s needs Practo Diagnostics bridges the gap of needing to visit a lab for your diagnostic tests, especially when you may not be well enough to travel. With a simple process of just uploading the doctor’s slip for booking the slot for home sample collection. Get value for money services with packages and deals that you cannot refuse in the case of health on Practo.


Zoylo Labs: With services extending from simple tests all the way to treat those in serious illnesses all at home, Zoylo Labs has it all covered especially with one of the best diagnostic tests offering home sample collection. With a vast network, big Pharma brands tie-ups and probably the most comprehensive list of services  Zoylo Labs offers a pathology related services one can avail without a second thought. Get great offers and discounts to save big on all Zoylo Health services.

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The right price with the latest tests and techniques

The entire demand for diagnostic services depends on the quality, ease and the price. Since the diagnostic industry is price sensitive, getting the price right is majorly half of the work done. As medical research is advancing at a rapid pace, the plethora of tests to diagnose new diseases and ailments are also multiplying rapidly. But not all the labs, mainly the smaller ones won’t have the infrastructure to keep up with and diversify their services with the addition of new tests.

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The Industry has found a new workaround where the smaller players outsource these tests to well-equipped ones and do the remaining of the tests in house. This becomes a win-win situation where the smaller payers have the ability to add more tests to their menu, reach more customers and ensure better services allowing more value to be passed onto the patients or customers. This collaboration between the big and the small players will be the future of the diagnostic services industry.

Advancement in technology to bring in better service

The latest technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) could bring about substantial changes to the way diagnosis is carried out and reported. All the outcomes can be analyzed with huge data set for a more accurate prediction of the diseases. The application of AI is likely to personalize the treatment of patients and bring these services closer to the masses in the near future.  

Likewise, the reporting will be integrated and instant with better and more accurate diagnosis at attractive and affordable prices.

Fast-forward future with better diagnostics

As seen with the trends of recent times, credibility will be a major factor for the diagnostic service industry in the way forward. The perfect harmony of doctors diagnosis with the tests and results will be a crucial way of tackling diseases and identifying them. The labs of the future will keep the patient at the center with all the services working simultaneously to give the customer a holistic experience.  

Doing a patient's health check
Doing a patient’s health check

The labs of the future will be well equipped for the future and we can rest assured the constant change and competition in the diagnostic industry is a positive one. As technology plays a crucial part in all future endeavors, we will see better services and better reporting which will ultimately help us identify and prevent diseases at the initial stages.

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