A soldier is born to fight for the nation not just to die for the nation. They are ready to take up critical & intense training, sleep in -20 degrees cold, eat whatever is provided, drink soiled water. Ready to sacrifice his happiness and comfort for the comfort of his country citizens.

A youth soldier in prime-age wakes up in a morning with full-on enthusiasm, where the mother is fully distressed, a father is full proud. Gets ready putting on the uniform and leaves home to reach the Indian border. On the way meets so many fellow CRPF jawans of different cadres, they start sharing the SAGAS OF BRAVERY of CRPF jawans.

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CRPF’s role in India and their acts of valour

CRPF jawans protect law and order in the country, counter-insurgency, take part in general elections, rescue during natural calamities, riots, fight against Naxals and protects nation during wars. There are a lot of moments which show the strength of CRPF jawans. CRPF jawans took a major part in cleaning Naxals from India. They are the main reason for some peace in Jammu and Kashmir West Bengal and Northeast. One of the instances of their ultimate bravery was shown by CRPF jawans at Sardar post on 9th April 1965. Pakistan tried it best to attack India but some Indian DareDevils were on the action. Pakistan was left with no choice just to run back. Under the operation codenamed “Desert Hawk”, they killed many Pakistani soldiers and officers and took 4 soldiers as hostages. 6 CRPF jawans were martyred at that time.

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The entire election process in India is protected by CRPF jawans. Be it 2004 Tsunami or 2018 Kerala floods or any natural calamities the first force come to save the general public is CRPF jawans. Till now more than 2000 CRPF jawans fought for mother India and have been martyred. These daredevils are awarded bravery awards for their fearlessness Ashoka Chakra Vir Chakra Shaurya Chakra Padma Shree etc.

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The Unfortunate and Cowardly Pulwama attack on CRPF personnel    

The youth soldier went on hearing the conversation about many brave events of the CRPF jawans. The convoy of CRPF jawans is high due to a delay in transportation in winter due to landslides and snow. Civilian vehicles are allowed to cross military vehicles in Jammu and Kashmir. This put together gave a big chance to a terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed’s for a suicide attack. 80 kg of explosive is exploded which took 40 CRPF jawans life.

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All the Jawans went with a brave heart to fight and die for mother nation but got martyred without a fight. All the bodies returned home this time a lot of tears are waiting for them instead of smiles. Mothers lost her sons, wives lost their husbands, children lost their father. This may be expected by them but not without a fight. But still, thousands of youth soldiers who join defense every day are ready to fight & die for the nation.

How can this attack by Pakistan based terrorists name it as bravery? This is backstabbing if they really dare, they have to fight face to face. No soldier must lose a life like this, how can this be stopped? by only ripping of terrorist organizations.

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What can India do to Protect it’s Brave Jawans?

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It is never enough only to think about how to suppress terrorist activities! No, the Indian government needs to think about how to protect its soldiers from terrorists in every way. Providing bullet-proof jackets to all. Good quality of food supply to them, new innovation to provide warm cottages while they protect freezing borders. Highly secured and protected vehicles for there transportation, and many more. India must provide anything for their safety and health, whatever India provides them it is a return gift given to India itself.