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How to keep-up cash flow in your day to day life

We all wish to live comfortably without any worries buying the latest stuff that is made to look indispensable to us from a 5G Smartphone, light & powerful laptop, fast & powerful bike, a spacious cool car, even a swanky looking luxurious house to be happy. But not all of us are born in wealth, are child prodigies or make all the right decisions to get there immediately after our studies. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot but have a undergo a rather vigorous journey to get there. Your starting point can be absolutely anything say a person who could not complete their studies, someone who took into the wrong choice for their career, one who is stuck in a dormant job, or even a person who doesn’t have the situation to work their way out. Again there are many ways to do it as well but one such is to start keep-up cash flow in your day to day life & finally go towards the path of positive and progressively growing cashflow.


Sounds pretty complicated, it really isn’t as a more simple way of saying the above is to keep up with a Budget and increase your savings to make it grow exponentially. Now, did it seem to make sense, anyway let’s keep discussing it in the lines of the term Cash flow itself! Just as a Business has cost, revenue and profit in our day to day lives, it can be termed as Earning, Expenses and Savings. 


All the events or things helps you to earn will be termed as Cash Inflow and similarly, all activities or events that make you spend will be termed as Cash Outflow. At the end of the day, the Cash you will have after Inflow and Outflow is termed as Cash Netflow. What you need to do start with is to always maintain a positive Cash Netflow on a fixed period basis like say a month meaning have money left over to Save. This is how you can keep up Cash flow in your life and the other way is not possible as then you will owe money to others. 


Now, as per the understanding of the above process, you can be certain that your Cash Inflow needs to be more than your Cash Outflow. To do the same one you need to be earning well enough from your job or business or primary income source. But that is the ideal situation as firstly our expenses keep changing from time to time and our lifestyle is relative to how much one earns, thereby unless your there is a good positive Cash Netflow end of the month you need to look at some additional ways to do it. By additional ways, we mean means increasing your Inflow or income sources that can even be passive or small but in the end, they do help significantly.


Let’s check out some simple and easy yet effective ways to have a Net Positive Cash flow in your day to day life:

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Maximizing the use your Skills from your Primary Income to Freelance:

When your workload is low on weekdays and making at least one day of the weekend productive by just doing the same bunch of activities you would at work instead for someone else is Freelancing. You may make pretty less in the start but as your work gets better recognised by clients, you can expect a huge alternate Cash Inflow. 

Spending a portion of your free time to Earn Passive Income:

If you’re the one who’s got a tight schedule already making it difficult to work on other things, just spend some of your free time productively on instant earning opportunities such as taking paid Surveys for some time daily or weekly. On a periodic completion basis, this small Cash Inflow can become rather significant on a month’s average.

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Exploiting your Profile Assets such as your Network to Influence:

Some ways you can get a Cash Inflow are from sources and activities that may outright not seem like a form of work itself. Like when you scroll through your list of contact, Facebook friends, Linkedin Connections or Instagram followers, you may finally realise that you have enough to Influence by tying up with Brands for their promotion getting you a good alternate Cash Inflow.

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Making every appropriate Conversation or Sharing thoughts to a Referral Opportunity:

As a responsible shopper, tech geek or just someone with good taste you may often have questions from others like where you bought something, what should they get or even take you along for some shopping. Since everything is available online, so is a way to refer them to that service and be rewarded for that. There are stores which give you long term rewards as well, helping you with some Cash Inflow indirectly.  

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Getting the most out of your fulfillment of daily needs:

Introspection is the first step to solve anything and so is the problem of how to keep-up cash flow in your day to day life. Start with analyzing your Cash Outflow to see if you’re spending right and if there are ways to optimize it such as ordering in bulk, saving delivery costs, shopping during Sale, using coupons and finally getting Cashback on all orders as that will get you a perpetual Cash Inflow for every Outflow that you make.


Implementing some of the above ways in your day to day life, you can definitely expect to become Cashflow positive and get to a High net worth individual one day! 

How to complete Yuno surveys, are they legit and safe?

Are there any real online surveys that pay?

As we have seen in the previous blog, surveys are a form of market research that all companies need to extract periodically as per regulations. Thereby, companies and brands work with Market Research Agencies to have these Surveys designed most effectively. These are then sent to various websites that hosts these surveys to reach the people meeting the required profile. Yuno is one such Survey site which we will discuss in detail now.

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What is yuno?

 Yuno is one great Surveys website that gets you multiple high rewarding Surveys that pay cash when working with it’s partners like Vishumoney. 

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How does Yuno work?

Yuno Surveys is a site that works with multiple Market Research Agencies to deliver the insights that the Companies and Brands require in designing their products and services. 

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How is Yuno different from other survey websites?

Yuno Surveys doesn’t just cater to the needs of the Market Research companies it is directly tied up with, but also works with other Surveys sites to deliver the needs of their clients thereby acting as a Gateway to all the major Surveys available for the Public. Not just that6, Yuno Surveys provides it’s Rewards in the form of real money to it’s partners who in turn reward it’s users with cash that can be utilised immediately unlike other Survey sites. 

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Is yuno survey legit?

Yuno Surveys are 100% legitimate as they maintain the highest standards of data protection, adhering to all international and local regulation where they function and give complete access to the user to delete their data, profile, account when required by them.

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Why did I not qualify for a survey?

Each survey has a specific target audience in mind and to find out if you match the same some qualification questions are asked like DOB, AGe, City you live in, industry you work in etc. It is vital that you give genuine details as there maybe multiple checks to verify the same and if found to provide an incompatible answer you may be sent out of the Survey.

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Is there a maximum amount of surveys I can do per day?

If you were taking surveys directly from a Survey site, then most take your profile details first and then show a few surveys that you may be eligible for, hence that would be the limit. But by doing Yuno Surveys on Vishumoney, as long as you provide genuine details, there is no limit to the number of Surveys you could try or complete in a day.   

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What are the disadvantages of online survey?

Surveys especially on Yuno are a great way to earn money online. But it is important to note that they can be slightly time consuming and mainly reward you only if you complete it. So if you leave your focus and answer anything that you have properly read, non genuine or contradicting your earlier responses, you may be sent out of the Survey without any rewards. 

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How will I receive my reward?

As we know, Survey sites are authorized to give rewards to users who complete surveys in the form of vouchers, gift cards, money etc. But not all these Survey sites are good in giving you high rewarding Surveys, many of them to complete or give rewards in the most convenient form that you want, surveys that pay cash.

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What survey app pays the most?

Vishumoney aims to provide the most rewarding avenues for our users to earn, save and win money online. Thereby after reviewing with most Survey sites, it was concluded that Yuno Surveys are one of the highest paying Survey sites. 

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Hence we are glad to be associated with Yuno Surveys to provide Vishumoney users with unlimited Survey opportunities with highest rewards, Bonus and more… Click Here to Start

What are Surveys? Know-How to Make Money Taking Surveys!

Nowadays there are many ways to make money online and taking paid surveys online is one of them. Simple ways are, just by referring others to install and use apps like Google Pay (Tez), CRED and the rewards are credited directly to your bank account. It depends on how many people you know who have not already installed the app and your ability to convince them for it making this a short term method. While some other ways will need you to invest some money into online gaming platforms like Dream 11, MPL and other fantasy sports sites where strategy with luck plays very important factors in ensuring that you make any money in the first place. Though there are some odds to make a huge amount of money putting very less into it. One thing that you may not have thought about much is to make money sharing your opinion and monetizing from that. But it’s true, you can make money taking surveys and that’s exactly what we will help you with.

Firstly it is important for you to know what are surveys, who provides them, why is it so important and how to make money taking them.  

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What are Surveys?

Surveys are basically a set of questions that are asked to a person that meets the profile requirements set known as a panel member. The answers are mostly in terms of your views and opinions. It may also involve questions related to their details, habits, likes or dislikes, etc. But it is usually about a product, service, event that is either out in the market, about to launch or awaiting feedback for prospective buyers. The questions may expect responses as selecting choice(singular or multiple ones), giving descriptive opinions, selecting graphic options, etc.

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Who creates and provides Surveys?

Surveys are usually provided by Market Research companies like Nielsen, Gartner, Kantar, Ipsos among others. They work with companies and Brands directly and create Surveys in such a way that it helps them to get the data required to make important decisions. These Market Research companies then distribute them to Survey sites that have a presence in the region of the target audience of the Survey. Survey sites then target people through different mediums to get them to participate. But not all the sites provide a reward or give just a fraction of what they get also usually in forms like gift cards or coupons. 

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Why are Surveys important to brands and companies?

It is very important and mandated by law for companies to periodically gauge the public and collect consumer opinion on their offering directly or indirectly. Hence this opinion is collected by companies in the form of Surveys that you can participate in. They are needed to collect consumers or the public on everything from launching a new product or service, updating some of their offerings and to continue offering the same one. This helps them gauge the interest which is vital for them to project sale forecasts and plan their execution accordingly.

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How can you make money taking Surveys?

Some members of the public and the consumers are open to spending time in giving their opinion be it in the form of Surveys or any other way with no expectations. But as not many would end up doing them without any benefit for themselves, Market Research companies are allowed to reward the participants for their time. This is then provided by Survey sites to be given to the panel who successfully completes them. You can sign Up to the many survey sites and complete your profile. Based on which you may be given a couple of them in a week to participate which if you successfully complete are rewarded with rewards. 

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Can you make money taking Surveys easily?

Yes, absolutely but It depends on many factors but if you follow certain pointers you can make money taking surveys of at least Rs.100 a day. In fact, there are a lot of students, housewives, senior citizens to even working professionals use their free time taking Surveys to earn a good passive income that gets some pocket money while boosts their budget for others. It involves some amount of discipline but on the whole, is a very simple and convenient way to earn money. You have the flexibility of time, place and even device as you can just take them on your mobile. Spending hardly an hour a day whenever you want can get you up to Rs.100 or more as there are surveys where you earn Rs 50 and more within 15-20 mins. You can do online survey jobs from home without investment which is also one of its biggest advantages. Thereby making surveys a fantastic opportunity for all to benefit from. 


You can take up Surveys from different Surveys sites and Earn Money doing many instead of waiting for invites all in one place – Vishumoney. 


Click here to start earning money by taking Surveys that are easy, fun and most rewarding.

11 ways to make money online in 2019

In this digitally globalized world, there are numerous opportunities for anyone to make money online and have a regular source of income from the internet. We are in the digital age of 2019 and most of the successful businesses exist in the online forum. Jobs and workplaces are no longer stationary and we are mostly location independent to work from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection.  The internet has become our main mode of communication and it is changing the way we work and share. 

We have already entered the next phase of the development, the Internet of Things (IoT).  This is the era when everything is connected to the internet and the cloud. This can be anything from your cars, fridges, and phones to even your household items. This level of technological progress has brought forward, the best scenarios for anyone to start adding more revenue streams and have a pipeline of passive income.

Image Source: digitalworldlab.com
Image Source: digitalworldlab.com

We will discuss the four main pillars to make money online in this article. The risk and reward vary according to the activities, and you can select the ones that make the most sense for your situation in hand. Passive income is one of the cornerstones of wealth generation and the internet has made it easier than ever before to get online and connect with customers seamlessly.

Let’s understand the various ways to make money online below:

Part I – Working online (Trading time for money)

1. Freelancing

A freelancer is a person who offers his work and expertise to an employer but is not considered an employee. Since they are not committed to the employer, they are free to work with multiple clients across industries. This kind of job can be short or a long term depending on the requirement and the kind of project undertaken by a freelancer. Freelancing is an easy and self-dependent job where an individual is solely responsible for his success. Online work is the perfect platform for freelancers as there are transparency, agility, and instant communication to complete projects in the best possible manner. Some examples of freelance work online are Website Development, Website Designing, SEO, Mobile App Development and so on.

Image Source: steemit.com
Image Source: steemit.com

2. Paid Surveys And Quizzes

Getting paid for taking surveys and quizzes are a very easy and entertaining way to make money online. Sites like cashcrate.com, mysurvey.com and many more help you in getting paid and rewarded for your participation. The activities may range from surveys, watching videos and even shopping online. If earning online is what you are looking for, kick start the process today by registering on vishumoney where you will find ample opportunities to earn and save while shopping. You can choose surveys, quizzes and other activities that will reward you with points or cash as per the policy. This method can give you a constant source of income as per your participation but the amount you earn will be marginal. So, participate in more activities to earn more.

3. Watching Online Ads

As there are abundant ads on the internet it has become the norm to skip the ads even before it starts. An ad is a promotional content that is used to reach people and convey the information on the product and the offers. YouTube is the biggest example of ad space where the majority of the videos warrants you to watch an ad before proceeding. There are many online money making apps where you need to watch an ad and earn points that can be converted into real cash. It is the best of both worlds as it gives you information, entertainment and also real cash for your time spent on watching the advertisement.  

Vishumoney mobile app
Vishumoney mobile app

Part II – Passive income from sites and online assets

4. Website Ads

Monetizing the website is an easy way to make passive income. If you have a website that is already popular with a good amount of visits per month then enabling ads on the website will help you earn from every visit. There are a lot of people living their livelihood on website ads revenue and this is an easy setup process away. The only problem in this process is that you must already have a website that has enough traffic for the ads to run. Other platforms like YouTube also help you run ads on your videos thereby providing you with an additional source of income.

Image Source: mirasee.com
Image Source: mirasee.com

5. Creating Online Courses

We all have a specific skill that we are good at. Now imagine earning passive income by teaching that skill. Yes, it is possible to create courses on sites like Udemy, where you can get the opportunity to teach. These platforms connect students with the instructors and the purchase of courses is made online. Creating the course is a simple task where you need to make sure you share value to the course taker. The fact that it is online and once a course is made it is accessible from anywhere in the world makes it a very compelling product for Passive income. You can also make one course and keep earning from it for years.

6. Creating Digital Products

One of the most successful and rewarding revenue sources for passive income online are Digital products. Creating a digital product online will not only let you access the wide user base of the internet buy will give you substantial ongoing returns once it is made live. The best part of creating a digital product is that it can be anything that can be useful to the user. This can range from Apps, software, EBooks, Jingles, stock photos and more that can be put up for purchase and unlike a physical store, you are not held back by the location. If done right, digital products can be an amazing source of income for years to come.

Image Source: www.abetterlemonadestand.com
Image Source: www.abetterlemonadestand.com

Part III – An Online Business

7. Dropshipping Business

Online Ecommerce site has taken the center stage on the internet nowadays with Amazon being valued the highest. Being a seller in this space is a profitable way of earning money from the internet. As a merchant, you can list your products on the website and the customers can order it from the website platform. Once it is ordered, the requirement is sent to the 3rd party suppliers who ship the order directly to the customer. Being the merchant, you don’t have to stock up on products and but still sell the products in your name and take the better part of the profits.  With many suppliers willing to drop ship this method of online business is ideal for long term growth and expansion.

Image Source: www.feedough.com
Image Source: www.feedough.com

8. Web Design Business

A website is a mandatory requirement for all the businesses that are trying to make an impact on the internet. But starting a Web Designing business requires a range of skills such as website development, domain knowledge, content creation, and designing. Your skills, experience, and aptitude will essentially determine your demand for website creation in the market. You can also hire people to create and design websites while you scout and retain clients. There are more surges in demand for website creation and it will be a very profitable business if done correctly. You could offer additional services such as SEO, Social media marketing and more to give more value to the customer.

9. Membership Website Business

The membership website model is a very popular and high revenue-generating model of business to run online. By running a membership model of business you charge a fee for being a part of a community or get access to valuable content. The best part of this concept is that it will be filled with like-minded people sharing the same interests. As an owner, you will receive recurring payments and can create chances to promote and sell the product once in a while on the community. There are forums like bodybuilding.com which has a very high user base and constantly provides new information and offers on a daily and weekly basis. There are also no products involved and the cost of running it is very low compared to other models of business.

Image Source: www.brilliantdirectories.com
Image Source: www.brilliantdirectories.com

Part IV – Online Investments And Lending

10. Trading In Stocks And Shares

Investing in stocks and shares is one of the best investments to make online. While purchasing stocks you are essentially buying a part of the company thus becoming a joint owner. The idea is to buy the stocks at a lower price and then sell them off at a higher range. As the value of the invested company increases, so does your investment in the company. From the past indicators, it is said that Stocks and shares outperform all other forms of investment in the long run. Stocks can also give you losses if not vigilant enough as the market can fluctuate and companies can wind up. The gains outweigh the risks and it is ideal for long term wealth generation.

Trading in stocks
Trading in stocks

11. Renting Out Your Items

There may be many items that we may not use regularly, and this can be put to use by renting them out online. There are many sites that give you a platform to showcase the items that you would like to rent. There are products such as furniture, appliances, clothes, tools, cameras and even vehicles that can be rented out and can give you better earnings in the long run. It is the easiest way to get money lending your assets and products.

How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything – Top 10 Sites

We all have some time apart from our daily routine of school, college, work or household chores that we nowadays spend being online. It is so engrossing that sometimes we don’t even see the time pass by & miss out on our important work. While most may spend hours on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat some of us may browse to find ways we can spend this time productively.

 So we are here to tell you how you can spend your time doing things that you want & get to earn real money from the best sites in India.

1. Fiverr.com

Do you have a hobby or skill that you wish could make money out of. Like creating logos or animation, make professional sounding voice overs, teach business or coding or any other service, Fiverr is the best site to earn from it. With a simple Sign up process & easy service selections, you can be live to take assignments in minutes. There are no registration charges & you can specify the tariff for your service. Any individual, small company to a big brand may contact you through your account & specify their requirements. On completion & submission, you are paid with no hassles. They send you 80% of the transaction amount which is the only deduction.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.2500 (from 5 assignments)*

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2. Upwork.com

If you were working full time before & had to stop or have been freelancing & are looking for better projects, then Upwork is for you. With innumerable opportunities to get freelance work, the limitation is your ability to do more. All your work is monitored to prevent any hassles by their software to ensure you are paid timely. There are no charges to sign up but they deduct a small portion of your pay with respect to the amount you earn from the hirer. So if you’re current lifestyle limits you to go to work in an office, then bring the office to your home with Upwork.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.5000 (from 5 projects)*

3. thePanelStation.com

This is a website where once you’re signed up, based on your profile just need to take surveys & answer them genuinely. Based on your responses being evaluated you earn points that you need to accumulate. On reaching a minimum threshold you can redeem those points in many ways from Paytm cash to Flipkart or Amazon gift cards as per your choice. Based on their requirement you may get a couple of surveys to many in a week. This way you can use your time in a relaxed yet productive manner.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.500 Gift Card (Taking 100 surveys)*

4. Vishumoney.com

A fairly new entrant in the list, this site has become the go-to for Earning money doing simple tasks. A user is greeted with welcome rewards immediately on Sign Up & is enabled to earn real money that can be used to recharge, pay bills or transfer it to their Paytm wallet. These tasks are of many types like installing & trying new apps or services, taking surveys or participating in contests. There is something for everyone & anyone can earn a healthy amount every month just spending a few mins daily. Not only that, they feature exclusive coupons which when redeemed the user earns cashback. They are also tied up with top stores so you can get any product at the best price & earn the highest cashback. So anytime one needs to do anything online, stopping by at vishumoney.com & doing the same yields them the highest benefit.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.3000 (spending 10 mins daily)*

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5. Youtube.com

While we all love to spend hours binge-watching videos be it about puppies, movie reviews to stand up shows ever wondered if they earn anything off it. Well, they certainly do & it has been the portal for budding actors to directors showcase their talent to get discovered. To create a channel & shoot some videos of what you feel that people would see so that once you hit a thousand or more views, you start earning with their ads & other promos shown to viewers while they see your videos.  

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.1500(from 3000 views)*

6. Toluna.com

Another survey website that has your opinions heard on brands & services relevant to you. Here you earn points for every survey completed that can be redeemed for gift cards or Paytm cash. They also run daily & monthly contests wherein you can earn more points. While it is fun & interesting to participate in their surveys, it may take a while to earn those points that you can redeem & hence is not instant.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.500 Gift Card (Taking 80 surveys)*

7. Empowr.com

In this site you can earn by sharing your unused things, providing services or using social media to post & market a few products all in one place. An advanced concept that will essentially reduce the need to manufacture more unnecessary products while providing simple ways for us to earn doing tasks in the real world or online in social media. Though it’s in the beta launch phase, you can join now & start earning money. Not just that, if you need an item from a tool to an accessory for a short period you can rent it at unbelievably low costs & save huge not buying it.    

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 2000(Doing 10 errands)*

8. listverse.com

If you love reading stuff online, be it a blog, news, latest gossip or others & have read so much that you would like to pen done some stuff. Well, then content writing will aid you to develop your passion & help you earn out of it. Start with this site where the content required is simple & straightforward but has to be trendy meeting their needs. You can look up some other sites offering a similar program to write & earn.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 5000(Getting two articles published)*

9. Hiresine.com

Work in the comfort of your home with your pc or laptop doing small micro jobs online from typing to graphic designing. If you have a knack for a particular skill & wanted to know where you can showcase & earn from Hiresine is a relevant website for you. Their pay is competitive with wages meeting the US standards of hourly wages as per the skill is chosen to exhibit. With a simple registration process, apply for a relevant opportunity after ensuring you meet their requirements & you are set to earn on your terms & needs.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 4000(Completing 30 micro-jobs)*

10. Clixsense.com

Fancy a website where you can spend hours giving surveys, doing tasks or just playing games? Then check out Clicksense.com with surveys from multiple sites offered in one place. You can earn good money if you become eligible to give their survey as each one has different requirements & if you don’t meet it, you don’t earn any money. They also offer simple contests but have ads that you need to compulsorily view so that you can participate. Overall an interesting site where you can spend time in & maybe make some money.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 1000 Paytm Cash (Finishing 90 click tasks)** are estimated & may vary from person to person.

Hope some of these options entice you to not just spend time online on browsing stuff but earning BIG from it.