Travel is the top thing in a lot of our list. At any point of time in our daily lives, we always yearn to be somewhere else, see something that we have never before, know about how people live in different places, eat something you have never imagined can be eaten or made that way before. While some of us do make it to a few places every year, there are a lot of us that just do not even try. There may be a lot of reasons from being free to travel, needing the right company, budgetary issues to even safety or comfort in those places.

  While not all can be helped by services and technology but travel today has become organised to take care of a few of them. Concerns such as the cost to get there, to stay and then there is the reliability of safe places with good service is not a problem anymore. You can just go online to look for cost-effective but quality accommodation on Google, Playstore or the App Store. 

 But you may get overwhelmed by the no of apps that are and is practically not possible to check them all out first hand. Another big mistake one can do is browsing your requirement directly as this will lead to your enquires getting jacked up prices by aggregators such as Trivago. Just go through our list of top apps for hotel booking specifying its USP to make an informed decision.

Oyo Rooms

One of the first startups in India to become a unicorn today is grown to become the third-largest hotel chain all because of prioritizing the customer experience from booking a room, reception by staff at arrival to the room quality that is all standardised to meet their high standards be it of a hotel in a town to the capital of India. Find spacious, clean and comfy rooms with a budget as low as Rs 500 all the way to a presidential suite still more value for money than what is available by others.

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Among the biggest global hotel booking Apps and websites in the world. Catering to customers all over the world, it has a significant foothold of the Indian hotel market as well primarily catering to the premium and luxury segments. With multiple filters such as distance, hotel type, amenities provided and more makes it a very convenient App to book your hotel accommodation from. 

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Let’s face it, a lot of us would plan to go on a trip with a friend who may be of the other sex but have faced issues like not being allowed to share the room. This may be one of the major reasons we may have to forgo such plans but not to worry anymore. The Stayuncle app is one such hotel booking service where hotels that are couple friendly are only listed. There is no need to provide any sort of proof except your id while availing the room available across top cities in India. Safety and Comfort is their primary objective that is ensured to the fullest.

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A well-known hotel booking website not with a great App interface as well, Goibibo provides most travel services in one app. These include Hotel booking, flights, trains, buses, cabs, holiday packages and much more. In hotel booking, it guarantees the best price with vitals such as Clean bathrooms, TV, AC and issues resolution within 30 mins or 100% money-back making it a safe and reliable booking service. You can even cancel the booking with a full refund if done on time.

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A common problem that we all face while booking hotels is the check-in time and check-out time that is standard around 10 AM in most hotels. But as we may reach the destination in different modes of transport with different arrival times, you may end up paying for a day in the hotel for usage less than half the time. You don’t need to anymore with MiStay where you can specify your check-in and check-out times to your convenience. 

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If you’re not sure about getting the best deal for a particular room and want to make sure it is then the Agoda App is the one you need. As another global hotel booking app, the details available are comprehensive. Hotels that are not available in other apps can be found here so more choices for you to pick from. You can book hotels in international locations without any fear here.

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Started as a flight booking site, Happyeasygo App now offers some of the top hotels at great deals. Specify your destination, dates and budget to get value for money deals. Along with best prices you earn Gold or Silver rewards cash that you can use to get further discounts on future bookings.

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If it’s a wholly-owned chain group of hotels that you are looking for then one such is the Fabhotels App. As the name itself suggests, get fabulous hotels to stay present in top cities and other tourist destinations with all following the same features, quality and comfort thereby letting you have a great experience.

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As the same suggests, this app is, for one thing, to book be it your flights, tours, activities and most importantly hotels to stay. Along with the features of the filters, price guarantees and others you can also read about different places, what to not miss there and an approximate cost to go on a holiday there.

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Termed after the Indian word for travel, the Yatra app is a known hotel booking site for a lot of us. Just like other sites, you can book flights, trains, hotels and more. Yatra provides a good collection of hotels to choose from in all budget. Covering a lot more places if you visit a less popular destination, chances are that you will find a quality hotel there on Yatra – Click here!