Holi celebration

Top Hacks for a Safe and Grand Holi Celebration

Holi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India and is called the festival of colours for a good reason. People celebrate Holi with the intent to spread love and happiness, by indulging in vibrant colours bringing out their inner child. Be it water balloons, Water guns or Holi Gulal you are sure to be smeared in colour at the end of the celebration and exhausted from the grind. It is safe to say that Bhang and food is an integral part of Holi, and you need to keep yourself in check to finish the celebrations on a high note. Don’t worry; we got you covered with our top hacks to celebrate Holi in a safe and grand manner.

Stay safe with the choice of good colours:

Holi colours come in a lot of varieties and some of the most common ones are synthetic colours, popular for their attractive looks and a wide range of shades. But, synthetic colours are also harmful to your skin, leaving you with rashes and other skin related problems. Some of the problems that you may face are skin irritation, burning, redness, and dermatitis that can be discomforting. It is also comparatively harder to get the colours removed from your clothes leaving you with a set of spoilt clothes. The best alternative to this is the natural colours that are available which are much higher in quality and easier on your skin. Natural colours also give you the peace of mind as they are environment-friendly and easy to clean up.

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Get adequate skin protection:

Holi celebration will leave you soaked in colour. This means your skin will be taking a toll as it gets in contact and may leave with lasting side effect if not properly taken care. Colours can be harmful especially to your skin as they may lead to irreversible skin pigmentation. The best solution is to use mustard oil or moisturizer before starting your Holi celebration. This would work as an effective barrier and help you in the further removal of the colours when washing out. Application of a good sunscreen with SPF 25 and above is recommended for your face, arms and legs as it comes in contact with colours.

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Hair protection, a must in Holi celebration

Your hair takes a toll when you celebrate Holi as it gets drenched in colours and it can become an excruciating affair to get it off your hair. Just normal shampooing of hair would not guarantee you the same shine and strength you had before. To protect your hair you must first consider generously oiling the strands of your hair before the celebration as it forms a protective shield to prevent colours from coming in contact with your scalp. Wearing a cap or a scarf will also help you to tackle against hair spoilage.

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Time to put on those pair of sunglasses

Eyes are one of the first and the most delicate parts of our body to come in contact with colours when celebrating Holi. Colours not only disturb your eyes but also can affect you permanently if exposed for a long period of time. One way is to close your eyes every time someone applies colours or else you can just sport your sunglasses and have a fun time doing it. But, as we all know that sometimes colour tends to get into our eyes, always resist the temptation to rub it and immediately splash water to get relief. You can pour drops of rose water in your eyes to cool your irritation and discomfort while you rest.

Get comfortable clothing with a relaxing fit

Your dress will be proof of the fun you had during Holi celebration with people mostly choosing white coloured clothes and attires as different colours tend to pop. You don’t need to buy a new white dress just for the occasion, but use the old ones you already own or are planning to dispose of. Another major factor for a comfortable Holi is not to wear extremely tight clothes as they may clog the colours and is not healthy. Try to wear loose and relaxing clothes so that you feel comfortable throughout.

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Holi is a celebration we all love to enjoy and take part in every year. As communities continue to host bigger celebrations on a grander scale, it becomes our responsibility to keep our environment and surroundings clean and hygienic. There should be a conscious use of water during Holi, given the freshwater crisis water is costly and saving is essential. It is up to all of us to collectively give an effort to use as little water but also making the Holi celebration eventful and memorable. Furthermore, use good soaps and body washes to bath once you are done so that the colours in your body wash off completely. Keeping these tips in mind, we are sure you will have an amazing Holi celebration 2019.

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Holi – Celebrating the Colors of Life

In India, most festivals are celebrated to proclaim the triumph of good over evilHoli is no exception. Based on where you are the reason for the celebration varies.

Holi 2018
Holi 2018

One such basis is when Prahalad, the faithful devotee of Vishnu was attempted to be killed by a demon named Holika. Holika had the boon such that she will not be harmed by fire, so she carried Prahalad into a burning pyre. But such was the devotion of Prahalad to Vishnu that he escaped unharmed but Holika was burned to ashes. Holi is said to have originated for the celebration of this event.

Another event that has significance for the celebration of Holi is when Krishna was in love with Radha & wanted to tell her. But he was afraid that she might not accept him as his skin was Blue. So when Krishna told his mother Yashoda of his plight, Yashoda asked Krishna to take some color put in on Radha’s face. After that, she will take him as he was & she did. This throwing of colors to each other is also said to be a premise for celebrating Holi.

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While the religious significance was understood Holi is different from any other Indian festival, not in reason of observance but in the manner of celebration. As an Indian, the one thing that comes across our minds about Holi is the fun & joy we get by throwing colored powders like Ghulal, colored water in balloons & more on others. And it’s not a private affair but the most public celebration one can think of, where we go around streets finding & playing with our neighbors, friends & family with no difference. It’s almost like a day where we forget everything & only celebrate.

So go out there & celebrate this happy festival to the fullest & have a blast. Have you got your Holi Gear ready?

For those last-minute planners & those wanting to celebrate in the long weekend. Read on to know how to make this year’s Holi the best!

The Look

Holi 2018
Holi Celebrations

Unlike other festivals & occasions where your clothes matter to make a statement, for Holi, all you need to wear is something Light & Bright. Hence any such clothes are fine but remember, they will be no longer be Light or bright after the celebration. So pick something that is on its way out or cheap.

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The Gear Colours

Holi 2018
Holi Fun

What is Holi without colors, water balloons, water guns & more? But things to keep in mind is the colors & its effect on you. Those available in the local market are made of synthetic chemicals also used for rangoli. These may be cheap & bright but in a health perspective not at all safe. Rather than discussing the symptoms on using them go for the natural alternative colors that are herbal so safety is ensured.

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Playing with colors is fun but how to maximize your enjoyment. Bring out the child in you & get yourself the Holi playthings like easy to fill water balloons, color bombs, water guns & more. These just don’t just maximize the fun but take it to another level.

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Capture the moment

Nowadays anything we do, it’s normal to let others know. We let them know by uploading pictures, videos, gifs etc on Instagram, Facebook & other Social networks. Don’t you want to capture those colored & happy Holi moments of you & your loved ones?

Don’t know how?

Solution: Get a Water-Resistant phone

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The After Party!

After the long & enjoying celebration how would you feel apart from happy? Hungry!

Well, celebration & cooking don’t go hand in hand. But Holi has that one item that is surely not to be missed. Yes, I am talking about Bhaang. Consume it as a Thandai, Lassi, pakoda, gujia or any other form to elevate your spirits as you celebrate.

Holi 2018
Holi Festival 2018

For food, give yourself a rest & order what you want. As Holi is more of a celebration than a festival, traditional food items aren’t many. Eat what you want by ordering online!

Holi 2018
Holi Food Specials

Food and Beverages

So wish you guys a very colorful & delighted HOLI 2018.

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