Ganesh Chaturthi

How to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in 2019

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in 2019 – The 10 Days Extravaganza Across India

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival of the birth of the beloved Lord Ganesha. Ganesha aka Ganpathi idols is made or bought and kept as ‘prathishta’ or placement at homes. Ganesh Chaturthi goes by different names like Vinayaka Chaturthi, Ganpathi Mahotsav, Ganesha Utsav, Vinayagar Chaturthi, Ganesh Chauth, etc. Usually, 10 days is the span to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi but this festival is recorded to have the highest number of days and people involved in the festival with the whole month spanned into it. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated widely across the country & mostly in the Northern side of India. This year it is to take place on the 2nd of September with celebrations continuing all along September 12th which is the Ganesh visarjan date 2019. 

Celebration across India and the world

A feast is arranged during these days at home. People get together at friends or family’s homes during this time.  Mumbai is the place which is known to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi so widely. During the festival, the whole city is filled with Ganesh Chaturthi decorations like lights and lamps lit in temples, on the roads and during the installation of idols, etc. They have Ganesha idol contests where the biggest idol gets a cash price, the largest procession gets recognized by media and organizers are given a hearty welcome at their sabha’s.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Philippines, United States, and Canada have wide celebrations by their Hindu Community groups there. Although not as huge as Indian celebrations they are widely covered by the media. It is also seen in some parts of these countries that people originally from these places help Indians make Ganesha idols from scratch with clay and turmeric. There are ritual songs played during Ganesh Chaturthi. People dance and sing along while playing instruments. This is a feast to watch. 

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Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Mumbai

 In Mumbai, the last day is considered to be epic. The roads would be filled with Ganesha idols from pandals, temples, and homes. People from different parts of the world come to Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi just to watch the festival. The Ganesha idols are created months before the celebration. Clay artisans put so much effort into one idol that will be used from the procession till the immersion. The anecdote says that you may be cursed if you look at the moon during the previous day of the festival, as apparently, the moon laughed and made fun of Lord Ganpathi of his belly and fondness of eating sweets a lot. There would be many people singing, dancing and doing musical skits from the epic Mahabharata are lined up in parallel with the Lord Ganesha idols and immersed together into water bodies. Mumbai is said to be the place that immerses almost 2 lakh Ganesha idols on this day. The festival of praising Lord Ganesha starts with a procession done by groups of people at the streets from the early morning of the Chaturthi. This procession ends by immersing Ganesha idols into nearby water streams like ponds, lakes, rivers or the sea.

Sweets and other delicacies made especially for the festival

The famous dishes for Ganesh Chaturthi are Modaks steamed or fried, Motichoor ke ladoo, puran poli, sweet kachori, gujja, sev puri, ghee rice, badam ladoo, masala bhaat etc. In the houses, people make modaks which is sweet dumplings made out of rice or wheat flour with coconut and jaggery fillings. This is a non-stop festival and not celebrated only during one particular time of the day. During this period most of these people who celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi turn vegetarian.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at home

Ganesh Chaturthi preparation at home is done in a much silent way. They have Ganesh puja mantra performed during midday. This time it is very peaceful and you can see the family get together just for this festival. Prayers, celebrations, and immersion of deities are seen in every household.  Instead of immersing immediately after the puja, they preserve these Ganesh Chaturthi decoration idols at home itself till the visarjan day. These are mostly organically made out of clay and turmeric. They are worshipped with milk poured over the dry idols. Poojas and mantras are loudly chanted by members of the family. Homes offer food to the poor. There would be fresh flowers bought and made as garlands and placed over the Ganesha idols. These garlands are either made in house or bought from local vendors. In front of the houses on all 10 days, they make rangoli or kolam a design made by the women folks of the house in front of their houses as a good omen. This design is organically made with rice flour, curd, and water. No added colours hence the design is in white color. They have coconut stem, the baby coconut trees placed on either side of main doors and attached to a yellow marigold flower chain. This a very pretty sight to see. Guests coming during the festival time are considered godly and first greeted with scented water drops poured over them. Then they are offered the special dish made for god “prasadam”. Following which they are offered lunch after the pooja is over. Every member of the family gets to wear a new dress during the festival. Fruits are offered to the family by guests or other relatives getting together during the festival. Kids love Ganesha Chaturthi because every family member gifts them either as cash, special sweet boxes, and new dresses. Schools will be reopened only after the 11th day of Visarjan so it is a great time for kids and teachers in the family to have a family get together.

Places to go, things to purchase for the festival

The iconic temples to visit during Ganesh Chaturthi are: 

  • Pune Ashtavinayak Temple
  • Siddhivinayak Temple of Mumbai
  • Chinthaman temple of Ganesha at Ujjain
  • Kanipakam Vinayaka temple at Chittoor
  • Karpaka Vinayaka temple of Tirupattur

You can visit the numerous pandals across your town to see idols all different, unique & wonderful in their own way to seek the blessings of Lord Ganapathi.

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Just before the festival, you can see various offers in online, apparel markets, wholesale markets, supermarkets, etc. during Ganesh Chaturthi. Most of them offer a sale of 30% to 70 % at least. Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration items start with an off of 50% and people spend thousands of rupees buying them every year. As this fest is considered to be one in a year festival it is celebrated widely. The Ganesh visarjan date this year is on 12th September 2019.

Unity is one of the primary reasons why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. It was started as a celebration to unite Brahmins to the non-Brahmins and nowadays we see that these idols are made irrespective of caste or creed. People want to be part of the celebration and do not look at it as a Hindu only festival. Ganesh Chaturthi is one fest that people cannot miss out, especially if you are part of the celebrating cities. 

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Celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi in a Green and Eco-friendly Way

 Lord Ganesha is well known around the world with his unique elephant head, big tummy, modakam in his hand and a mouse as his vahana. Children and adults of all ages look forward to celebrating the festival with an idol of Lord Ganesha that is grandly decorated,  performing puja and worshiping. Celebrated for a few days to even weeks throughout India it concludes with the visarjan of the idol in water. People purchase and use a lot of flowers, fruits, sweets, decorations and more. They also purchase new clothes, mobiles, gifts for friends and family, new things for home-like car, appliances, properties etc all with the belief of the day being auspicious to do important things. You can too with Ganesh Chaturthi offers and best online shopping offers today like Ganesh Chaturthi mobile offers and more.

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 While we are human for whom festivals and celebrations are necessary it’s very important to do it all in a way that does not harm any being. Lord Ganesh with the head of an elephant is a sign to show us that animals and other beings are vital for the existence of humans. We are interdependent on each other and therefore need to ensure that they are kept in mind while we celebrate by not harming them or the environment in any way. We can do this by firstly using green and eco-friendly products for the celebrations. Instead of plastics, we need to choose alternatives like paper, natural materials, bio fibers, etc. These bio-friendly products may cost a little more than the harmful ones but is a small price to pay, plus you can shop them all online with lowest prices and exclusive cashback on Vishumoney using top Ganesh Chaturthi online shopping offers.

An important way that we can support the environment is by ensuring that the Ganesha idols that we buy are free from any pollutants like PoP, Lead Paints, plastics etc that when reaches the water can affect the creatures and the water body in a very harmful manner. There are many alternatives to the brightly painted and light PoP idols. A simple way would be for you to make it yourself with easily available materials. A good choice is a clay that is everywhere which you can make and shape to your liking. This not only reduces your cost but creates absolutely no pollution to the environment. You can see how one can make a simple clay Ganesha in the video below.

Video Credits: Share2Free YouTube Channel. 

Making idols may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there are other ways to celebrate a green Ganesh Chaturthi with other eco-friendly idol options. One such is buying clay Ganesha idols that are widely available in shops and stores online. There are more innovative options like plant Ganesha where the idol is made of soil with seeds filled inside. After the celebration, you can put it in a pot and start pouring water to see it grow to a green plant. Some other options include buying idols made of wood, stone, metal and other green materials that you can take and worship for the festival and keep it back to prevent wastage of resources. Find some good options on top stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShopClues etc with Ganesh Chaturthi special offer.

Lastly, we wish that you celebrate this important festival with happiness and spreading joy. Share sweets to your neighbors and others, give money for charity, expand the goodness of Lord Ganesh to one and all.

Vish-U 🙂 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.