We are celebrating our 73rd Independence Day India, this August 15th, 2019. It is a proud moment for our country and fellow citizens to honour our mother India with Independence Day celebration & patriotism. The feeling to wake up to patriotic Independence Day songs early in the morning, school students performing the Independence Day Flag hoisting across your locality, the scouts and guides in formation to greet the special Independence Day chief guest in schools to honour mother India and hoist the honourable flag, the speeches are given by state and district leaders, marches done by the armed forces and their animal companions, the independence day quotes online shared by our friends & family, the special sale hosted by brands and sites online, etc. These are all the familiar sites we come across on our patriotic day. Let us look at some special ways to show patriotism on Independence Day India.

1.Buying Eco-friendly Tricolour flags:

Flags are the most common symbol of Independence Day celebration. The tiny tricoloured flags you see kids and adults holding on the roads for the procession or hanging on cars or sticking on the walls of houses or terrace are made up of plastic. Once the Independence Day celebrations are done we discard these flags and we can imagine the number of plastic waste per house on an economic budget. This pollutes the environment and instead of being patriotic you become a threat on the Independence Day India. Approximately 93% of plastic waste during Independence Day celebration goes into the landfills. Imagine the stress the land has to cope during Soil erosion or a natural disaster to keep the soil strong? It makes it difficult to recycle this compound because they are not biodegradable nor can we make something else out of them.                                                    

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2.Use social media effectively on Independence Day: 

Change your display pictures to enable the awareness of Independence Day patriotism.  You can update your profile with Independence Day Video status on these platforms. You can feature Independence Day quotes or Independence Day songs. Apart from changing your profile to Independence Day Video status, you can also give your opinion on the 73rd Independence Day & its achievements. When you give opinion do not forget to look for credibility, authenticity and works and research papers on Independence Day India.  Use patriotic Independence Day quotes to spread awareness and not just for the 15th of August, you can start a week prior to this special day that is Independence Day India.

3.Participate in Poetry, storytelling, debates, elocutions, essay writing etc:

Participate in competitions like Independence Day Essay writing where you can write and pen down your thoughts or events even like Independence Day Quiz where you can showcase your Independence Day patriotism. Children can participate in their schools and colleges while we adults have a lot going on online. They can have a handwritten poem that they can read out in the assembly. This makes much effort for letting people know how important it is to celebrate mother India and Independence Day. Elocutions are basically a part of speech you can take from leaders and speak during such functions. And to speak excerpts on Independence Day quotes from leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose can make your knowledgable and a better speaker.

4.Wearing tri-colour Apparels:

Be it western, traditional or state representations also, wearing the Tricolour themed clothing is a great idea during the whole day at the Independence Day celebrations. You can represent yourself as an icon for Independence Day India where ever you go. For women, pairing up with a white top, a green or saffron-coloured pant and blue headband or stole would be a simple yet classy way to sport the Tricolours. For men, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans with a small cloth tri-coloured pinned up on your pockets. 

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5.Watching or Listening to Patriotic Media at home:

For Independence Day celebration you can watch patriotic Independence Day films like Kargil, LOC Kargil, Picket 43, Lagaan, Swades, Chak De India, Rang De Basanti, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Sarfarosh, Tirangaa, Border, etc. You can also play patriotic Independence Day songs at home. Songs like Vande Mataram, Aye Watan Mere log, Suniyo Gaur se duniya waalo, Yeh jo des hai mera, Bharath humko jaan se pyaara hai, Singer Balamuralikrishna’s Bharath humaar etc. songs like these evoke patriotism between one & all to ponder over the Country’s greatness. 

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6. Cleaning Campaign of your Surroundings:

Conduct cleaning campaigns through schools, colleges, public spaces as part of Swach Bharath & honour the nation this Independence Day India. You can split section-wise and select a group of interested people well before the Independence Day Celebrations as cleaning day. The sections can also be given on a google map screenshot to individual phones or as printouts marks. For each section os space, you can choose 10 people to clean areas like grass lawns, flower markets, vegetable markets, hotel areas, public toilets, government schools, animal shelters, etc. Cleaning campaign can be part of the Swacch Bharath Campaign also but the awareness can be spread via an individual through social media, word of mouth and even sending out flyers and posters at least a month prior to the Independence Day celebration. 

7. Creating Patriotic Art with Friends & Family:

You can have artists from different parts of the city come to a venue where they can create Independence Day drawing, paint, sketch or even illustrate their favourite freedom fighter. You can have singers and dancers perform on particular slots. It can be like an Independence Day India celebrations. The beauty of such functions like holding Independence Day drawing competitions is that it not only creates enthusiasm but creates awareness among individuals and makes everyone want to be a part of it. You can also try music and sketch in the Independence Day drawing competitions where artists can sketch the content the song presents so this brings in more audience and participation increases as part of Independence Day patriotism. 

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8. Kite flying with Neighbours, Friends & Fellow Citizens:

A part of the Independence Day celebrations that is present in almost all northern states of India is Kite flying. The participation depends on the amount of publicity sent prior to Independence Day celebrations. A lot of foreigners come to India during the rainy season so flying tri-coloured kites is a great way of showing patriotism. You can also go to different hill cliffs and have a tradition where a gang of 50 friends or family members spend half the Independence day there and have kite fest. This way the dotted blue sky will have the tricoloured flag flying. 

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9. Obeying all the traffic safety rules:

Be it from wearing a seatbelt to a helmet and having your kids secured with seatbelts behind are all following obeying rules this Independence Day India. You can obey by not drinking and driving as the Independence Day celebrations is not the only way to honour your freedom. You can also assure on paying your taxes on time, clearing old traffic fines, renewing your vehicle insurance etc as a form of Independence Day celebrations this year. 

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10. Speak out Loud about being spiritual yet secular:

Being spiritual does not mean you are not truly secular. In a country like India with a diverse culture, it should be every citizen’s duty to respect every other religion. This Independence Day India, you can proudly say our country is secular because it is. But being spiritual and secular is mutually exclusive. You can show patriotism by praising all religions or none and being an Indian citizen to all at any Independence Day Celebrations gathering.

Hope you utilise this National holiday to honour the people who fought with their lives to get you Freedom & this Great Nation that We Call Home! 


Wish you all a Commendable & Change Inducing Independence Day 2019.