10 fun activities to indulge in this Indian Independence day 2019

India will embrace and celebrate the 73 years of Independence this August 15, 2019, and we’re more than excited to celebrate the country’s freedom from the British rule. This Independence Day celebration, we can’t help but reflect upon the rich tradition and culture that India possesses. On Independence Day we honor the land and the fellow countrymen by exchanging sweets, greeting each other and hoisting the tricolour national flag & other Independence day decoration all around. Parades are held and speeches are given to symbolize the struggle and the long but defining victory and achievement of freedom that India very deservedly enjoys today. India’s freedom struggle has been etched in history as a major victory to humanity and so are the freedom fighters considered heroes of the nation. Today Independence Day is a national holiday, where people indulge in various activities to celebrate this special day across the nation. If you are wondering about how to make the best out of the Indian Independence day 2019, we have some suggestions for you.

A stage rightly set for celebrations

Independence Day celebration is a much awaited occasion in India and none more so than Delhi. Delhi serves as the country’s political capital and is the main stage for the Independence Day decoration activities. Red Fort is the place where the hoisting of the national flag by the President of India and singing the national anthem. Independence Day celebration is declared as a Gazetted holiday and is celebrated by everyone around the country. Since it’s the day of optimism, pride and hopes it is essential to spend the day in a meaningful manner.  

Here are the top 10 fun activities to indulge in this Independence Day 2019:

1. Take a trip to somewhere memorable / Historical Walk

This year’s Independence day celebration falls on a Thursday and that is well suited as it is closer to the weekend. If you can get the Friday off, then you can plan for a short family trip filled with fun activities. You can visit a historical museum, go to the beach, take on an adventure like a trek or an off-road ride. The options to utilize the Independence day in an effective manner are many and we also suggest you visit a monument or a location that signifies the struggles and victory of India to gain its Independence. Another way of Indian Independence day celebrations is to check into a resort or a spa and pamper you with the best relaxing day yet. To make your trips worth it, literally, we have added an amazing Zoomcar coupon for amazing discounts, click here.

2. Taking part in a flag hoisting ceremony

Hoisting the national tricolor flag is an essential part of the Independence Day celebration, and it is essential for everyone to take part in one even if its hosted by your local community. It signifies the pride and the happiness of gaining Independence and also the heights to which India has reached as an Independent country. If you are nowhere close to one, then do so digitally by hoisting the flag on Vishumoney and also get rewarded for showcasing your patriotism. And if you are in Delhi, don’t miss the chance to witness the Presidents address of the nation on the Eve of Independence day celebration at the red fort. Do carry your Indian flag replica or purchase it from the Independence Day offers on Amazon. Get amazing discounts on your purchases, click here.

3. Colour coordinated dressing

When its Indian Independence day, we represent! Yes, it would be a great way to make an impression and feel patriotic by flaunting a tricolor coordinated dressing which symbolizes the colors on the national flag. This can be done when you are going out or when you take part in the Independence day celebrations at your community, school. College or even your workplace. We are sure your colleagues would be more than thrilled to replicate your style for a day. Get colour coordinated dresses from Myntra and click here for amazing Myntra Discount Coupons.

4. Watching patriotic movies

This one is a no brainer, watching a movie on a holiday is a weekly ritual many people follow. Since Independence Day is we would like to remember our freedom fighters and heroes who made Independence happen, it is only right to watch a patriotic movie on the Indian Independence day 2019. Most movie channels on the Cable TV will feature one or more patriotic movies that can set you feeling proud and happy to be an active part of this great country. You can also try to catch the upcoming movie called Mission Mangal this Independence day 2019, also get amazing offers from Bookmyshow, click here.

5. Being your own personal chef and cook tricolor dishes

Nothing like cooking for yourself, but when it comes to Independence Day you can create very interesting tricolor dishes that taste great and are a treat visually. The number and the variety of dishes that you can work on are unlimited and you also can transform regular dishes to colour-coordinated combos not only impressing your guests but also promoting the Independence Day. You can also cook for the entire family a plan extravagant lunch and dinner to make sure they are entertained and everyone has a great time. Few dishes you can cook this Independence Day are colour coded cakes, pastries and other dishes which are perfect for the occasion. Get all the raw materials required for your appetizing meals from Big basket and get amazing discounts, click here.

6. Fly Kites with your friends and family

Flying Kites has something about it that frees our soul. To witness and guide the kite to float in the wind gives everyone involved an amazing feeling of happiness. This is why it is the perfect time to gather your family and together fly kites all day. You can structure your entire day around this making it a picnic setting and also get to teach your family members how to fly a kite. While you get to buy Kites of different shapes, colour, and sizes and we recommend you go for the tricolor one which signifies the importance of the day. You can either craft your own Kite or buy it from Flipkart. Get the best discounts by clicking here.

7. Indulge in patriotic books and songs

Independence Day is the perfect time to go into the nostalgia mode, tracking back to the days of the freedom struggle. Independence Day for India is a significant event in world history and many books and songs have depicted it in very many versions. The book called ‘Midnight Children’ by Salman Rushdie is a perfect book to start off your independence day India 2019. You can also explore the early patriotic songs such as ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ by A.R.Rahman and many other songs. This will give you a clearer perspective of the history behind the freedom struggle and also give you a relaxing me-time. Listen to your favorite songs anytime anywhere with the help of Gaana app, get a 3-month subscription click here.

8. Shop online on Independence day

How else to enjoy and celebrate Independence Day than to shop your favorite products at amazing discount online. Get the best offers, deals, and discounts exclusively on Independence day shopping and buy products that are both amazing and value for money. While making your online purchase you can also apply the exclusive discount coupons available on Vishumoney to get your products at the lowest prices. There are sales going on on all the major E-commerce sites this Indian Independence day 2019 and it is up to you to extract the maximum value for each of your purchases. For the best offers online, click here.

9. Binge-watch TV all-day

Getting a day off to recoup on everything you must have missed on the television could be a very entertaining and fun way to spend your Independence Day. This is especially relevant if you are away from home and have absolutely nothing to do on Independence Day. You can Netflix and chill all day, binge-watching your favorite series and shows that you may have missed or may want to watch again just for entertainment purposes. This will ensure that you will have an engaging and amazing day on the Independence Day India 2019.

10. Visit an orphanage and sponsor the lunch

The last thing you can do on an Independence Day is that you can visit an orphanage and sponsor their lunch. Even if India is a free country and prospering, many are unfortunate enough to be blessed with the finer things in life. Like the Independence fighters and heroes, you can become a hero to a child by stepping forward and sponsoring the lunch of an Orphanage and delighting the children with delicious food on Independence Day. This will help you to spread happiness on this fantastic day.



The Ultimate Guide to Raksha Bandhan 2019 with awesome gifting ideas

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most famous festivals in India, celebrated this year on the 15th of August in 2019. This is the day when bonds are made and renewed between brothers and sisters, cementing their everlasting mutual love and faith for each other. Sisters tie a thread on the wrists of the brothers as a promise of togetherness and the promise of being there for them. In return for their expression of love, brothers showers Raksha Bandhan gifts on their sisters.

As the word Raksha Bandhan implies, ‘Raksha’ being protection and ‘Bandhan’ stands for bonds. This festival reflects on the bittersweet relationship that brothers and sisters share with protection and love at the heart of the festival. So this Raksha Bandhan we have compiled and listed down all the things you need to know about and celebrate this festival with joy and happiness.

The dos and don’ts of Raksha Bandhan

For Women

  •  Raksha Bandhan is the time of joy and giving when you can tie Rakhi to your brothers, cousins and even friends who treat you like family. Since there are no strict rules for whom you can celebrate it with, it’s time to show some brothers you care!
  • Even though you tie the Rakhi for your brother, make sure to gift him something as well. There are lots of interesting items that would impress him. To get a fair idea of the best items to gift your Rakhi brother, read on.
  •  Do not judge anyone with the kind of gifts they present you, understand that the idea of gifting is the real gesture of love. Maybe, it may not have met your expectations but it will surely signify something more than what money can buy.
  • Send your greetings and love to those brothers who are not at close proximity and at a far off geography. Brother-sister relationship transcends distance and a simple message from you wishing them would make their day. But if want to be daring, send the gifts or seek services where they deliver your gifts directly to your brother wherever they are.
  • Also, beware not to tie Rakhi on the people who you consider are more than friends like your crushes, boyfriends, husbands and so on!

For Men

  • Always brainstorm gifting ideas, or read the latter part of the blog to have a collection of well thought out gifting ideas to choose from. Also, make sure to go through Raksha Bandhan offers to get the best ones available and get discount coupons from Vishumoney.
  • Stay afar from Ladies for whom you have plans of courting eventually. Even if it’s all in your mind!
  • Mend all the broken relationships this Raksha Bandhan as this festival gives you the opportunity to spread love and prove to your friends that you really care for them even if you had issues between yourselves.
  • The act of helping a stranger is an act of kindness that does not go unnoticed. There are a lot of needy and unprivileged around us who would never get to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Meeting them and treating them to a good time would really make your day well spent.
  • Raksha Bandhan imparts renewed strength to the brother-sister relationship and also coincided with the full moon of August making it perfect to travel together for a short vacation or indulge an adventure together that will not only tighten the bond but also leave plenty of memories for later

Now you know what is crucial do’s and don’ts for successfully navigating through Raksha Bandhan, let’s understand what are the best gifts that would leave a lasting impact for your Rakhi brother and sister. The items we specified are easy to purchase and well researched to the point that we can guarantee that you would make a positive impression. To make it easier we have segregated the list into men and women so that you can easily sort through without too much scrolling and wait.

Here is the list of the best gifts you can give this Raksha Bandhan:

For you Sis

Women’s accessories

We know sisters and they love to have lots of accessories in their closet. No sister would say no to an accessory. So this Raksha Bandhan gifts your sister accessories such as bangle, Shoes, Heels, Bags and more goodies. You are guaranteed to get a smile on your sisters to face along with a big thank you. Get the best accessories from Amazon and get amazing discounts on all accessories by clicking here.

Customized Sister frame or photo frame

  A customized frame that says sister or has a great picture of both of you being together will bring forth a lot of happiness and good vibes. A sister frame can be customized to suit your preference. This will show your sister how much cared for she is. This can also be a cool gift to present to your female friends as this will signify a stronger bond in your relationship. You can get fully customizable frames from Print Venue and get the best discounts by clicking here.

Funky Journals

Get your sister funky journals even if she is an avid aspiring writer or not. You can also gift her memory journal of she likes to write down her memories with a pen. If she is interested in traveling, gift her traveler’s journal where she can jot down her travel experiences on the go. You can find journals of all colour make and kinds. You can buy them from Flipkart.com and click here to get the best discounts.


Get your sister the best clutches to handbags as it is a must-have for every lady. You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a bag or clutches as they come in many designs, shape, make and Brands. Make it a point to gift her something that comes in handy. Eg; if she’s a working woman gift her a bag that is large enough to hold all of the essentials every day. Get the best Bags from Spoyl and click here to get the best discounts.

Junk Jewellery

Junk Jewellery is another great thing to gift your sister. These are relatively cheap and gives her the freedom to pair it with both ethnic and western outfits. The products can range from neckpieces, rings, anklets, and bracelets and more which can be mixed and matched for that special look. Further, you can save money on the jewellery purchases with the exclusive discount coupons available on Vishumoney for Biba. You can also get huge cashback with your purchase from Vishumoney.

You can get more amazing women’s gifting ideas here. The list of products could be endless!

For your Bro

Men’s Stylish T-shirts

Men love T-shirts and it is a perfect gift for every man to possess a stylish T-shirt for every occasion. Get your brother up to speed with the best T-shirts found on Amazon and get amazing discount by doing it. Also, be sure to gift him according to his style which he can flaunt on casual occasions or at the office. Get amazing discounts with the best coupons, click here.

A perfume

Gift your Rakhi brother the best and premium perfume this Raksha Bandhan. People judge you on how you feel around them and to be fully confident you definitely have to smell good. The best perfumes make men smell attractive and bold. Select from the range of top-end perfumes from The Body store and get amazing discount coupons for your purchase by clicking here.


A good jogger will not only help you while doing your jogs and workouts but can also double as athleisure wear at the time of casual outings and meetings. Men are increasingly wearing joggers more and more and are definitely a product that is so much in style this year. Give your Rakhi brother the motivation to hit the gym and keep himself fit by jogging and other exercises by gifting him with a pair of new joggers. Get the best offers on the latest Joggers, click here.

Leather Duffle bag

Duffle bags are spacious and easy to handle giving you the freedom to use them in many situations. Whether it is travel, hitting the gym, or ever carrying clothes a classy leather duffle bag is both stylish and a compact option for your Rakhi brother to carry along. Get the best selection of bags from Myntra and also get amazing discounts on Leather Duffle Bags. Click here.


Men’s wallet is an important part of their personality and as important as what is inside them. Latest trends such as a minimalist wallet would be a perfect gift for your brother as they will not only help him store his cash but also helps him gain respect among others. This slim textured minimalist wallet does not make your pockets bulky and stand out. The compactness will allow him to carry it in any kind of dress and pants. Click here to get the best discounts on wallets.

P.S. men love headphone, click here to see the best ones.

 We hope you like our recommendation for a successful Raksha Bandhan, we have also attached links to get you amazing discounts from Vishumoney