Presenting the Vishumoney 100 Days 100% Cashback Shopping Festival where you find what you want, buy it & win the purchase amount as 100% Cashback. It’s not a sale but a celebration of our refreshing rains this Monsoon. We wanted a way to thank you all for making our site as your choice to earn, save & win money.

Vishumoney Shopping Festival – What is it all about?

Vishumoney has been a trailblazer in empowering consumers to get the best price and highest rewards in every order, purchase or avail service since inception and we wish to encourage those who chose the smart way to deal with their money while fulfilling their needs. So from the start of July, any coupon you redeem for a transaction, any product you buy, any ticket for travel movies you book or any food you order you can win the money spent on them all back as 100% Cashback!

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When is Vishumoney Shopping Festival?

The Vishumoney 100 Days 100% Cashback Shopping festival starts at the beginning of June 2018 and runs all the way till the end of September 2018 spanning a quarter of a year! Imagine if you could meet all your needs, essentials, travel expenses, food purchases & all the shopping you can imagine for 100 Days through Vishumoney using its Coupons, deals, links, stores & service offering only to get it all back! That is 100% Cashback on the expenses incurred for 100 Days as Cashback, How would you feel?

Benefits of Vishumoney Shopping Festival are?

While the benefits of using Vishumoney as the one site to meet all your needs is clear as day, let us first re-establish the proposal.

  1. Vishumoney features exclusive & best coupons deals from 500+ top stores catering to every category to get you the lowest price possible thereby cutting big on expenses automatically and ensuring highest savings.
  2. Vishumoney features Top products from 100+ top stores including Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal etc at lowest price, vital features such as price comparison between stores to choose the best price & finally highest cashback on purchasing credited at the earliest time, it’s a no brainer to do all your shopping on it.
  3. Vishumoney features vital services from top services providers catering to every category with detailed benefits featured which when availed ensures lavish rewards found nowhere on top of every benefit & feature offered by the service provider making you wonder why do you take up any service directly.

Amongst many others that go on & on.

But you just get more and more lucky with Vishumoney wherein after ensuring the lowest price, highest cashback & lavish rewards with the 100 Days 100% Shopping Festival, your already cost-efficient expenses can be won back as 100% Cashback is that one benefit that you just can’t refuse!

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How to win 100% Cashback in Vishumoney Shopping Festival?

Here what you need to do to win!

Firstly Sign Up with Vishumoney if you haven’t or Login to your acc.

Then from shopping, ordering food, booking movie or travel tickets or just about any other spending use the link from our website.

All your spending & redemption is saved and placed against others instantly to put the highest spender on top to win the 100% Cashback!

After shopping, ordering food & booking your tickets through the week just keep doing the same for all your family & friends through your acc as if you win, you get it all back.

You hear about a friend buying a new tv or your uncle paying his bills through Paytm, just volunteer to do it through your Vishumoney acc to increase your chances of winning as there is no restriction on no of transactions or whose is it.

Note that the top 5 spenders win a flat cashback from 100% to lower. But anyone transacting through Vishumoney gets a guaranteed cashback of up to 10% in your Vishumoney wallet.

Spend big in this shopping festival to come out as a winner & super saver!

The Stores Applicable on Vishumoney Shopping Festival are?

Now while you may see a few products featured to be dirt cheap or had for nothing in flash sales elsewhere there are no restrictions as such in the VIshumoney 100 Days 100% Shopping Festival. Wherein as mentioned we feature 500+ Stores featuring Coupons, deals, products & services & redeeming, purchasing or availing from anyone get you to win 100% Cashback. While there may be sites & brands asking you to refer them to your friends, family, neighbors, teachers or anyone we want you to be smart & ask you don’t! Instead offer them all to have all their bills paid, purchase their needs & avail services through your one account so that your tally of spending brings you to the top spot and gets you that 100% Cashback. So anyone you meet, just volunteer & help them fulfill their needs as a genuine service but on the other hand it helps you get to be that top spender & win that 100% Cashback!

Why Vishumoney for your needs?

Simply because we Wish You Money! We are just like you & know the importance of saving every rupee. We know that you save money for months to get a new dress that you then search on multiple shops, sites to finally buy it in a price that suits your budget. Knowing the need of the consumer & helping them avail it has been our goal which is why we ensure that of the transactions that every user completes through the site is benefited back to them by giving back the major part of the commission received as cashback!  We wanted a way to thank you all for making our site as your choice to earn, save & win money. So the Vishumoney 100 Days 100% Cashback Shopping Festival is our way of showing gratitude back to you!