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Top Presents to Gift Yourself and Your Loved Ones This Christmas

The festival of Giving is here & the big question in all our minds is what gifts we will receive this time. Be it at home from your parents, siblings or relatives to friends, colleagues, neighbors & everyone else may have something to treat you with. Some may take their time & get you something that you wanted while others may have something generic in store for you. We do hope that everyone visits our Christmas offers page where the best from everywhere are showcased but you certainly can, Just Click- Vishumoney Christmas Offers. Now we might not be able to predict that, we can surely make your gifting choices stand out! Here are the top gift choices for every type of person you may have in your gifting list.

Top Gifts for your dear Parents

Their first Smartphone or Tablet to get them to be social & up to date as everything is digital now. But it’s important to choose ones that have a simple interface option for them to get the hang of using it. Also if it’s their first devices then choosing pocket-friendly option make a good sense as those who are not accustomed may not handle it well. But most importantly it’s a chance for you to show, share & be in touch with your parents through social media. As they may come across their old friends, make new ones. It would also help them pass the time or enjoy their hobbies like reading books, learn new cooking recipes, play arcade games & more. We really can’t think of a better Christmas gift. Choose from what we find as the best or the Christmas mobile offers in our Xmas page.

Honor MediaPad T3 | Actual Price: Rs.15999 | Best Price: Rs.13999 | Cashback up to 8%


Honor 9N | Actual Price: Rs.13999 | Best Price: Rs.8999 |           Cashback up to 5%


Redmi 6 | Actual Price : Rs.10499 | Best Price: Rs.8999 |              Cashback up to 3%


Realme C1 | Actual Price: Rs.8990 | Best Price: Rs.7499 |          Cashback up to 4%


Best Kids Toys for their Christmas Present

We are considering anyone below age 12 for this category & the first thing they would or even we did when we were kids are toys. As this is the occasion where the jolly Santa & him giving presents comes in to play so it’s very important to get them what they have wanted. Today distracting kids away from phones & TVs is a big chore & if there is a toy that can keep them engaged for long then that really is a wonderful gift. We just want to suggest the best picks that are safe, fun & are at amazing deals. With a vast collection to choose from & many that are even educational just visit our Kids section to pick it also to get rewarded with cashback later.

          Techhark  Educational Notebook  | Actual Price: Rs.1,650 |                Best Price: Rs.658 Cashback up to 12%


        PRESENTSALE Flying RC Helicopter  | Actual Price: Rs.2,500 |                Best Price: Rs.944 Cashback up to 12%


  Speoma 7 In 1 Educational Solar Energy Kit | Actual Price: Rs.899 |                Best Price: Rs.597 Cashback up to 12%


          Miss & Chief Machine Gun 7050 | Actual Price: Rs.2,999 |                Best Price: Rs.1.699 Cashback up to 12%


Fashion & Gadgets for your Siblings & Cousins

Brothers & Nephews

Be it elder or younger every brother or nephew would be into tech or sports. They would really want a present that is of these categories but you may not be techie or sporty. While we may ask them a good present is the one with a good surprise so we have a few tips on what you could get the studs. Being fit is at some point a need for all & a fitness band from a good brand can make their day. For those who are into photography & struggle to click with their phones, a basic DSLR can do the trick. It would also be a perfect time to get those interested in Coding or gaming with a cool laptop with amazing Christmas offers on laptops. You could just choose our camera or laptop to decide or go to our exclusive Christmas Offers page or any of the top picks below to decide.  

Canon SX540 | Actual Price : Rs.20995 | Best Price: Rs.18990 |   Cashback upto 5%


Mi Band 3 | Actual Price: Rs.2199 | Best Price: Rs.1999 |            Cashback up to 3%


Sisters and Nieces

Picking a gift for our sisters can be a task but the category for them is the timeless one – Fashion. Be it clothes, shoes, accessories there is a never-ending list. But on top of it all, they want something very specific & any miss can be something that they would never use. But that doesn’t mean you have to take them shopping or let them choose as the gift picking custom would be lost. Here are some safe bets with timeless items that if your sister or niece don’t own then you cannot go wrong with the below options. But for those who want more freedom of choice, there is always our women fashion store. Lastly, the occasion being festive & all stores having deals don’t miss them with our Christmas sale offers page having the best picks from them all.

Salt N Pepper Boots | Actual Price: Rs.7595 | Best Price: Rs.3417 | Cashback up to 8%

Pepe Jeans Jacket | Actual Price: Rs.4199 | Best Price: Rs.2519 | Cashback up to 10%


Smart Tech Gifts for other Relatives

This is for your Uncles, Aunties, Chachas, Father in Laws & such others you may meet or catch up for the occasion where gifts exchange is an important custom. It’s important to be thoughtful & relevant so upcoming home tech items like air purifiers, voice assistants like Google Home, Bluetooth speakers or more are good choices that don’t break the bank & still have prevalence. Our Christmas offers online shopping India page has a good selection of the same or if you don’t find what you exactly want, you could just find top stores like Flipkart, Amazon, TataCliq, Paytm store pages & navigate to their site to complete the purchase. Not only do they have Christmas Sale but purchasing this way gets you lavish cashback as a return gift from us. Top picks to choose below.

V.T.I  Smart Doorbell Security Camera | Actual Price: Rs.9,999 |

Best Price: Rs.4,999 | Cashback up to 3%


Mi Band 3 | Actual Price: Rs.2199 | Best Price: Rs.1999 |            Cashback up to 3%


Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues & Friends

If there is one game synonymous with Christmas in our office then it has to be Secret Santa where the entire team would participate. Most of the time we may get someone that we are not too familiar with so choosing a present may be experimental which is where generic gifts come into the picture like the top picks that capture the occasion. But you could also choose something more specific from top Gifting stores like Giftease, Crafterscorner, FnP, etc. Just pick the Gift category & we have a whole range of exclusive coupons for you that will help you get a really good gift in small budget plus earn Cashback on each purchase.

Chemistry Watch | Actual Price: Rs.1995 | Best Price: Rs.679 |            Cashback up to 5%


Levis Men Wallet | Actual Price: Rs.1199 | Best Price: Rs.949 |            Cashback up to 6%


Sweet Somethings to your all-important Helpers

Our helpers are it, Housekeepers, Cook, watchman, driver or others are usually almost invisible in our lives but they play really important parts in having your daily life easier. Being people just like us it is bringing joy to their lives with a simple gift would be great. Here are some picks that can make it easy or just visit our Christmas offers for it.

Rupa Thermal | Actual Price: Rs.1200 | Best Price: Rs.568 |            Cashback up to 6%


Highlander Shirt | Actual Price: Rs.999 | Best Price: Rs.549 |            Cashback up to 6%


Avik Chiffon Saree | Actual Price: Rs.1339 | Best Price: Rs.535 |            Cashback up to 6%


Xora Kurti | Actual Price: Rs.799 | Best Price: Rs.399 |             Cashback up to 6%


Essentials for those who are not so privileged

Probably the most important of them all for this is a season of giving is for the underprivileged. Those who don’t have access to even the basic of facilities we enjoy casually are the ones we need to bring a tear of joy for. A nice gesture from a donation to handing out simple things like a blanket or a nice meal can change their day. We really do hope that you take the time & do so as there can be nothing better this Christmas!

Lancer Flip Flops | Actual Price: Rs.499 | Best Price: Rs.199 |             Cashback up to 6%

Welwear Skull Cap | Actual Price: Rs.299 | Best Price: Rs.229 |             Cashback up to 6%


So here’s Vishumoney wishing you a Joyful & Merry Christmas of Giving!


Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas under Rupees 2000

Christmas is fast approaching and with very little time to go, we all feel confused on what gifts to get for our loved ones. But Alas! Christmas is a festival that graces us when our last month paycheck is almost about to be over. “VishUMoney plans on helping you by rounding 15 Christmas gift ideas under Rs. 2000”. These gift ideas will not only warm up the hearts of your loved ones but will put the least weight on your pocket. “But BEWARE! You might get too tempted to keep it to yourself”.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hillis

1. Drumstones Waterproof Portable Speakers Rs.409
Whether it be any corner of your house, bathroom, bedroom or terrace, these portable waterproof speakers are to die for, a gift that every music lover will feel delighted to get this Christmas.
To Buy, Click Here

Drumstones waterproof speakers
Drumstones waterproof speakers

2. Sleek Brown A5 Journal Rs.1,885
No one can be a better friend than your journal with whom you share all your feelings, dreams and emotions. This Christmas gift a Journal to the friend who loves making memories and engraving into the heart of their journals. Trust us when we say that you can never get any better gifts for them than this.
To Buy, Click Here

Sleek brown A5 Journal
Sleek brown A5 Journal

3. Cakes
A plum cake is something that we all love and what better occasion to gift it than the Christmas itself. Planning to visit a friend or a relative, don’t forget to get thee delicious plum cake that will emerge as the best dessert after a heart-satisfying meal.
Order your cake here.

effervescent fruit cake half kg
effervescent fruit cake half kg

4. Floral Jar and Mug Set Rs.2004.43
Have a friend who loves adding a personal touch and unique decorations to their houses. Gift them these beautifully designed jars that will liven up their living room decor and become their favorite guest with this sweet gift.
To Buy, Click Here.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” – Peg Bracken

5. Flyfrog “Hotwheels collection” Hooks
Whether it be kids or adults, all love Hotwheels and with these articulative wall hooks and can bring out kid hidden in the heart of your loved ones.
To Buy, Click Here.

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6. Krosno Europe Non-Lead Crystal-Clear Glass, Venezia Red Wine, 350 Ml Set of 6
There’s no Christmas without a glass of wine celebrating to the birth of our beloved Jesus Christ. So before visiting any friend get your hands on this elegant wine glass set and bring a bright smile to the face of your host.
Click here to Buy.

7. Air Purifiers
With the current scenario, this can be the best for anyone and they could never be enough thankful to you. So get your hands on them before they get OUT OF STOCK.
Click here to Buy.

Kent-Ozone Watt Room Air Purifier
Kent Ozone Watt Room Air Purifier

8. Windproof Lighter Rs.2000
Weather be a person who loves smoking or someone who can’t even stand the stench of cigarette but a lighter collection is a hobby that many of us love. So if you have a friend that loves collecting lighters or want one then it is the perfect gift for them.
Click here to Buy.

Windproof Flameless Rechargeable OPEN-LID
Windproof Flameless Rechargeable OPEN LID

9. Perfume Rs.2000
Perfume is a gift that can never get old nor can lose it’s worth. So gift your loved ones a bottle of exquisitely smelling perfumes and fill their life with the sweet smell so that whenever they apply the perfume a smile makes way to their face they the surely think of you.
Click here to Buy.


10. Gourmet Chocolate
We all have a sweet tooth and Gourmet Chocolates are something that can make anyone drool. For all chocolate lovers out there get them a box of Gourmet Chocolate and see the happiness radiating from their face.
Click here to Buy.

Zevic Gourmet Coffee Chocolate
Zevic Gourmet Coffee Chocolate

11. Handcrafted Sneakers
It is truly said that good shoes take us to good places. So, as a wish to bright and cheerful future give them a token of your blessing in the form of these super comfy handcrafted sneakers and see them jumping with joy.
Click here to Buy.

Puma Unisex Sneakers
Puma Unisex Sneakers

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12. Jewelry
Whether it be male or female, no one can say no to jewelry. So be the best guest and get them this delicate yet most alluring piece of jewelry and see their happiness having no bounds.
Click here to Buy.

Stylori Italian Collection

13. Signature Essentials for Him/Her
A handpicked beauty kit that pampers them with your love is something that you can never miss. Get them some pamper moments by gifting this amazing gift.
Click here to Buy.

Signature essentials

14. Wine Rest
A magnificent piece of wine rest is a gift that adds royalty to the home decor along with giving an amazing place to keep the wine bottles. Get your loved ones this amazing wine rest and be sure that your gift will be an unforgettable gift for them.

wall mounted wine shelf

15. Christmas Cushions
Who doesn’t like comfy cushions and especially it screams holidays that perfectly goes with the holiday theme. Gift this to your friend or loved ones to complete their home decor this season perfectly
Click here to Buy.

Christmas Cushions

So, don’t miss out on these awesome gifts and make a memorable Christmas for all.

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