Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”― Mark Twain

We as humans have always been curious about what lies beyond the mountains and oceans, and it is this curiosity that has led us to explore the world and its continents by traveling beyond what was considered possible. So Travelling and exploring is a part of human nature and now we live in a world that is more connected and well laid out than what our predecessors had stumbled upon. Travelling makes us feel good, by relaxing our mind and our soul. Be it solo or with your wolf pack, the excitement of exploring a new state or a country remains the same and it humbles you giving a new perspective. Travelling exposes us to so many new people and cultures thereby forcing us to understand them and instill a part of it within us.

However, we know that traveling internationally to another country comes with it its own obstacles such as choosing the right country, Visa availability, travel procedures and most importantly the ‘budget’ estimation. Well, we have compiled a list of cheap foreign trips from India to amazing countries that you can visit without putting a hole on your wallet. Read on to know our top 10 picks of these amazing countries

1. Thailand

Thailand offers some of the most beautiful nature and beaches that you can find anywhere in the world. A country that depends heavily on its tourism, Thailand will take you a step closer to nature and what it has to offer. The best part is that traveling to Thailand is that it is easy and very affordable as it is an Asian country the same as India. Thailand has one of the most happening nightlife making it an ideal place to travel for quality entertainment.

The expense of traveling to Thailand is quite low with tickets starting at around Rs.10,000, with budget accommodations and restaurants all coming under Rs.800 per day. A week of travel in Thailand can be managed with a frugal budget of under Rs.40,000.

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2. The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular travel destinations for leisure travelers with stunning cities and a plethora of things to do.  It located at close proximity with India and is a few hours journey away. Among the highlights of UAE is Dubai, which is a wonder on its own with skyscrapers and extensive shopping options to keep any traveler engaged. The city is known for its striking ambiance and the tourist-friendly persona that it possesses. It is also recommended as an affordable and cheap honeymoon destination outside India.

You can find cheap accommodations at hostels and budget hotels starting from Rs.2000 and gives you a diverse range of dining options for every kind of budget. With the right offers you can get air tickets for as low as Rs.5500. Some of the must-do activities are Dessert safaris, Luxury tours, Day at Ferrari world, Cultural tourism, Shopping business tours, etc and complete the trip with a budget of Rs.50,000.

3. Nepal

Nepal is a backpacker’s paradise, ideal for people who want to get up close and personal with nature and the mountains. Among the lofty peaks, the magnificent valleys and the scenic landscapes Nepal is truly a delight for anyone looking for a quick and beautiful getaway. It is also one of the cheapest international destinations from India as it is a neighboring country with limited travel restrictions. The country is the best as a holiday destination for families, corporate visits and for other types of travel.

Nepal is known for its highly affordable stays where you can book Airbnb’s for as low as Rs.4000 and indulge yourself in activities such as adventure sports and activities, trekking, Nature tours, Religious and local sightseeing visits. The airfares from India starts from Rs.8660 and you can spend a week there with an estimated budget of Rs.45,000.

4. Singapore

Singapore is known as ‘The Lion City of Asia’ is famous for its pristine beauty and technological advancement is one of the highest visited countries in the world. It is an entire package as it offers world-class shopping options and is perfect for leisure tours and recreational vacations. You can indulge yourself in the food, culture, and architecture, this international destination provides. Singapore can be covered in 2-3 days and is among the cheapest international destinations from India.

Singapore flights from India starts from Rs.10000 and it has a variety of accommodation options such as Hostels for backpackers, and budget hotels would cost around Rs.9000 per person for 7 days with a reasonable food cost of Rs.500 including meal, drinks, and desserts. The total trip would end up costing you under Rs.50000 on a frugal budget.

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5. Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, packed with a rich history and scenic beauty it should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Greece has been facing an economic downturn for some years now and the cost of holidaying there is cheaper than it was before. With amazing getaways such as Paros and Skiathos, it is what globetrotters dreams are made of. You have amazing parties happening in Los island and September, October are the seasons to visit as it is not the tourist season.

Greece is slightly on the higher range of the budget and a dorm stay will cost you around Rs.1700 a day with an availability of Airbnb. The one-way flight will cost Rs.20, 000 and the meals are relatively cheap. You can complete a successful trip with a budget of Rs.70,000 for 5 days.

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6. Hong Kong

Literal fantasy land for the family, Hong Kong is enchanting, electrifying and filled with great vibe and grooviness. Keeping intact its cultural values and history, the country is known as the ideal destination for every tourist. The traditional outlook of the country is combined with its booming economy and lifestyle to give you the best of both worlds.

You can get amazing places to stay for as low as Rs.1600 per head and also try Airbnb for finding out more economical options. With a suggested trip of at least 6 days, you can indulge yourself in adventure sports, Recreational visits, Local sightseeing, Visits, and wildlife tours. The ticket from New Delhi to Guangzhou flight won’t set you back more than Rs.24000. It can be visited with a budget of Rs.55000

7. Egypt

Egypt has been the epitome of tourist destinations, with its impressive list of places, immortal history, culture and fascinating tales with tourism playing an important role in the Egyptian economy. The country is filled with wonderful sights and landscapes and never ceases to amaze the travelers who travel to Egypt.

You can find hotels that are as cheap as Rs.6000 and also find other accommodation options such as Hostels, Airbnb. We suggest you spend a week and explore the ancient country. Some of the most interesting thing to do is Sandboarding, Road trips, Cultural tours, and also explore the great pyramids of Giza. You can cover the country with a budget of Rs.55000.

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8. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a country with a beautiful, exotic and natural sceneries that are filled to the brim with its culture and wildlife. For its violent past, it is now one of the safest places to travel with the friendliest people. Located between India and Southeast Asia, it is neither like both and has its own cultural practices as well as landscapes and customs.

For a budget traveler from India, it means you can travel to an exotic destination which is neighboring India at a fraction of the cost. The average flight fare is Rs.8000 and a 3-star accommodation can be arranged for as low as Rs.3000. Colombo is the major city and can get a little pricey, but with proper planning, the whole week trip can be completed within Rs.35,000.

9. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has always been a quick relief for Indians looking out for a quick international getaway. The beach paradise situated in the tropical heaven rightly nicknamed as the “Island of the Gods”. Boasting Pristine turquoise blue waters, Bali is the heaven on Earth. With the best food and cheap accommodation, you can find Bali perfect for cheap foreign trips from India.

The Flight cost starts from Rs.13,000 and accommodation can be found for around Rs.3000 and also choose hostels that can be an even cheaper alternative. You will need at least a week to explore the entire of Bali and Backpacking Bali will set out back Rs.40, 000.

10. Bhutan

Bhutan is popularly known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” and is one of the most scenic countries on the list. Bhutan shares its border with India and is an easy commute making it one of the most ideal locations for a quick vacation. The country can be visited without a passport and you can enjoy the untouched beauty and other natural wonders.

You can take flight from Mumbai at around Rs.4,800 and can find stay options start Rs.9000 for the entire trip and get options with Airbnb. You should explore Bhutan for at least 6 days and the entire trip can be budgeted under Rs.35,000.