Discover the sought after food delivery apps in India

While the internet has been the biggest boom on earth, we cannot stop stressing on the numerous apps that are developed on a daily basis. Food being part of the rich culture of India, we have not stopped expanding into the food ordering apps business. There are several food delivery apps, that are steadily growing and many are awarded the best food delivery apps. 

The study found that there is a 150% increase in the online food app market by the end of 2016 and by 2019 it will reach 200%. This is a gross volume of around 300million USD, in Indian money, it’s whopping 21.46 billion INR. Uber eats app, Foodpanda online app, dunzo food app, Swiggy online order app and many more are operating throughout India but majorly in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore. To be a pioneer in the Indian food ordering apps, all of these newbie apps have got to go a long way because some existing online food delivery apps have been on the Internet for several years by now. 

You cannot just be a food delivery app, you need to win the trust of customers and the restaurant vendors you are associated with. The food industry is now a trillion-dollar market. This one opportunity has made a lot of export-import companies shift to the food business. The online delivery app alone is around 48 billion INR. Let us look at the top 15 food delivery apps in India.

1. Zomato

Zomato online order

Zomato online order is one of the best food delivery apps most of us use. They had gained great popularity in a few months launching pan India. They are available as a desktop app and a mobile app. Now they exist in few other nations such as Australia, and the United States. All you need is a few taps and clicks through your phone and the food is delivered to your address. Zomato is known for its accuracy, precision, hygiene, and quality of having good restaurants tied up. Zomato restaurant finder is another USP of Zomato, to let you know the best restaurants in and around the city or maybe nearby. They do give out deals to loyal customers and gold members quite often. They have several payment methods including the Zomato wallet.

2. Dunzo

Dunzo delivery app

Dunzo food delivery offers are not many but are tied up to best in town or nearby. The best part is dunzo food delivery offers, this app functions 24×7 and has a USP of delivering anything inside 45 minutes. They have several payment methods. Dunzo is definitely one of the best food delivery app because it is available in all mediums. Like groceries, send or receive packages, parcel, courier, pet supplies, medicines, etc. Available on iOS and Android.

3. Swiggy

Swiggy food order, delivery app

Swiggy food order, delivery app is the close rival to Zomato. They have known to be selective about their restaurants, and if any restaurant that gets most negative reviews will be thoroughly investigated upon. Once they do not come under the quality check they are removed from the list. Swiggy online orders are rated as the best food delivery apps of almost all top tier cities in India. They have around 10Million subscribers already out of which 98% are their loyal customers. Swiggy delivery app has also been rated as the number 1 online food delivery apps.

4. Uber Eats

Uber eats

Uber Eats is the latest addition to the world of online food delivering apps. This is again an expansion done by Uber app which is an exclusive commute app with pool, self-drive, auto, premium rides, airport rides, etc. Uber Eats app is known to always have uber eats offer. Their live tracking system is remarkable. The uber eats app has only three options, browse, order and track. This is a remarkable app being a newbie and since the brand Uber has been a trusted source, they did not have to work through to bring this umbrella brand up. Uber eats is slowly becoming a contender to Zomato and Swiggy too.

5. Foodpanda

Foodpanda food delivery

Foodpanda online app has been in the industry as one of the oldest online food delivering apps. They are operating in almost 43 countries across the globe. They have been recently acquired by Ola. Foodpanda online apps were known for consistency, super fast delivery, exclusive deals, vouchers, discounts, etc. They would attract customers with their online offers alone.

6. Freshmenu app


People who are into fitness regiments, conscious eating, fresh eating, etc. Freshmenu app can be a great help for you, they have seasonal offers for all time users and daily offers for loyal customers. They have rarely been into any trouble. Freshmenu customer service is also prompt. They have a curated menu for every day of the week and this does not change. Even the desserts are healthy snacks and do not contain many calories.

7. Faasos

Faasos app

Faasos is a restaurant chain that provides Indian food collaborated with European, Chinese and Spanish cuisine. They are very economical and fast.

8. Scootsy

Scootsy app

This food delivery app is one of the best food delivery app in India. You can do live tracking of your delivery agent and not just the expected time of arrival. They send bills to your email and do ensure a quick delivery.

9. app

Another best food delivery app for conscious eaters. Good food but healthy too can be much relieving for people who are into physical fitness. has curated its own menu, slightly on the expensive side but serves good food. They also provide nutrition education. You can even customize your meal plans with an instructor from gyms.

10. Dominos

Dominos app

If you’re a pizza lover, this restaurant does wonders for your taste buds, they make such amazing pizzas. The app allows you to customize your food orders. The amount of cheese you want, the toppings, the different sauces, the way you want the pizza to be, hot, yummy, etc. They have a 30-minute delivery policy, if they do not deliver inside 30 minutes then the food is free. They also deliver pizzas on train journeys. The delivery agent gives it to you at the next station. Pretty cool right?

11. Pizzahut

Pizzahut app

Their easy cart methods, taste, variety, pizza crusts, quick delivery, live tracking agent features, and so on are a few of the brilliant reasons why pizza hut stands favorite to many youngsters.

12. Seamless

Seamless app

Live order tracking, multiple payment options, varied restaurants, quick delivery, and whatnot. Like any other online food delivery app, seamless also does a great job.

13. Grubhub


They give you an endless number of restaurants to choose from. Their customer support is pretty strong as well. They are available round the clock. You can even get a look into the offers in all nearby restaurants and choose your option.

14. Deliveroo

Deliveroo app

This is a London based startup. They set foot in our country a few years back only. Their USP again is fast delivery. They have enough delivery agents and do not shut down a customer even during rainy timings. Although they are restricted to cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, they are planning to expand into all very soon.

15. TastyKhana

They are known to provide local food across the city. They have a very convenient user face. This online food delivery app has an easy profile creation as well.