We all have some time apart from our daily routine of school, college, work or household chores that we nowadays spend being online. It is so engrossing that sometimes we don’t even see the time pass by & miss out on our important work. While most may spend hours on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat some of us may browse to find ways we can spend this time productively.

 So we are here to tell you how you can spend your time doing things that you want & get to earn real money from the best sites in India.

1. Fiverr.com

Do you have a hobby or skill that you wish could make money out of. Like creating logos or animation, make professional sounding voice overs, teach business or coding or any other service, Fiverr is the best site to earn from it. With a simple Sign up process & easy service selections, you can be live to take assignments in minutes. There are no registration charges & you can specify the tariff for your service. Any individual, small company to a big brand may contact you through your account & specify their requirements. On completion & submission, you are paid with no hassles. They send you 80% of the transaction amount which is the only deduction.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.2500 (from 5 assignments)*

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2. Upwork.com

If you were working full time before & had to stop or have been freelancing & are looking for better projects, then Upwork is for you. With innumerable opportunities to get freelance work, the limitation is your ability to do more. All your work is monitored to prevent any hassles by their software to ensure you are paid timely. There are no charges to sign up but they deduct a small portion of your pay with respect to the amount you earn from the hirer. So if you’re current lifestyle limits you to go to work in an office, then bring the office to your home with Upwork.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.5000 (from 5 projects)*

3. thePanelStation.com

This is a website where once you’re signed up, based on your profile just need to take surveys & answer them genuinely. Based on your responses being evaluated you earn points that you need to accumulate. On reaching a minimum threshold you can redeem those points in many ways from Paytm cash to Flipkart or Amazon gift cards as per your choice. Based on their requirement you may get a couple of surveys to many in a week. This way you can use your time in a relaxed yet productive manner.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.500 Gift Card (Taking 100 surveys)*

4. Vishumoney.com

A fairly new entrant in the list, this site has become the go-to for Earning money doing simple tasks. A user is greeted with welcome rewards immediately on Sign Up & is enabled to earn real money that can be used to recharge, pay bills or transfer it to their Paytm wallet. These tasks are of many types like installing & trying new apps or services, taking surveys or participating in contests. There is something for everyone & anyone can earn a healthy amount every month just spending a few mins daily. Not only that, they feature exclusive coupons which when redeemed the user earns cashback. They are also tied up with top stores so you can get any product at the best price & earn the highest cashback. So anytime one needs to do anything online, stopping by at vishumoney.com & doing the same yields them the highest benefit.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.3000 (spending 10 mins daily)*

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5. Youtube.com

While we all love to spend hours binge-watching videos be it about puppies, movie reviews to stand up shows ever wondered if they earn anything off it. Well, they certainly do & it has been the portal for budding actors to directors showcase their talent to get discovered. To create a channel & shoot some videos of what you feel that people would see so that once you hit a thousand or more views, you start earning with their ads & other promos shown to viewers while they see your videos.  

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.1500(from 3000 views)*

6. Toluna.com

Another survey website that has your opinions heard on brands & services relevant to you. Here you earn points for every survey completed that can be redeemed for gift cards or Paytm cash. They also run daily & monthly contests wherein you can earn more points. While it is fun & interesting to participate in their surveys, it may take a while to earn those points that you can redeem & hence is not instant.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs.500 Gift Card (Taking 80 surveys)*

7. Empowr.com

In this site you can earn by sharing your unused things, providing services or using social media to post & market a few products all in one place. An advanced concept that will essentially reduce the need to manufacture more unnecessary products while providing simple ways for us to earn doing tasks in the real world or online in social media. Though it’s in the beta launch phase, you can join now & start earning money. Not just that, if you need an item from a tool to an accessory for a short period you can rent it at unbelievably low costs & save huge not buying it.    

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 2000(Doing 10 errands)*

8. listverse.com

If you love reading stuff online, be it a blog, news, latest gossip or others & have read so much that you would like to pen done some stuff. Well, then content writing will aid you to develop your passion & help you earn out of it. Start with this site where the content required is simple & straightforward but has to be trendy meeting their needs. You can look up some other sites offering a similar program to write & earn.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 5000(Getting two articles published)*

9. Hiresine.com

Work in the comfort of your home with your pc or laptop doing small micro jobs online from typing to graphic designing. If you have a knack for a particular skill & wanted to know where you can showcase & earn from Hiresine is a relevant website for you. Their pay is competitive with wages meeting the US standards of hourly wages as per the skill is chosen to exhibit. With a simple registration process, apply for a relevant opportunity after ensuring you meet their requirements & you are set to earn on your terms & needs.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 4000(Completing 30 micro-jobs)*

10. Clixsense.com

Fancy a website where you can spend hours giving surveys, doing tasks or just playing games? Then check out Clicksense.com with surveys from multiple sites offered in one place. You can earn good money if you become eligible to give their survey as each one has different requirements & if you don’t meet it, you don’t earn any money. They also offer simple contests but have ads that you need to compulsorily view so that you can participate. Overall an interesting site where you can spend time in & maybe make some money.

Avg Monthly Earning Potential – Rs 1000 Paytm Cash (Finishing 90 click tasks)** are estimated & may vary from person to person.

Hope some of these options entice you to not just spend time online on browsing stuff but earning BIG from it.