We live in a much different world from last year. Stable jobs, steady income, and a booming economy have become a thing of the past. Much to the bitter taste of the COVID -19 Pandemic, there are some sweet ways to make some serious residual income on the side. Making money online has become a catchphrase as there are now multiple ways to earn online. A few of them require you to be skilled in a specific platform such as WordPress, Shopify for website creation, some need to be good at creating content for bloggers, and vloggers. If you are still confused on what it takes to earn online without any specific skill then the Vishumoney app is the right place to earn. Read on to find exciting ways you can partially replace your income directly from the app.

Vishumoney app is a platform for earning and shopping

As the name suggests Vishumoney is all about getting you the best deals and offers while encouraging savings and giving you the option to earn on the side. It is perfect for those who want to get started on your online journey and want to earn big online. This is achieved by giving you a holistic experience that is first in the Industry.

The app helps you to make purchases and provides you with exciting Vishumoney coupons for discounts and offers. It also creates a platform for continuous earning without you being much invested or skilled online. How does this happen? Read on to find out.

Vishumoney app hits the sweet spot between earning and rewards

The app gives you several ways to earn online. You can download the app here from the play store.

 When you are in the Insta cash section of the app, all you will see are ways to make passive income a reality. Some of the ways you can make some residual income are:

  1. Surveys: Surveys are an exciting part of the entire Insta cash section. Here you need to attempt a set of surveys through the app and finish them in the stipulated time. These are mostly for MNC’s to get customer feedback and opinions. At the end of the survey, you will be credited with an awesome amount of money directly into your wallet. The more surveys the more you earn, by just giving your opinions and nothing else.
  2. Tasks: Tasks are the next section of the Insta cash page. This helps you earn passively by completing tasks every day. These tasks can range from the installation of apps to giving signups and registrations. Once you complete a task you are credited with a sum of cash every time. The good news is there are no limits to how many tasks you can complete in a day, making your earning potential very high.
  3. Quiz: Quizzes are some of the most interactive things you can do on the app. Here you can choose from seven categories such as sports, science, politics, GK, Graphics, Tech, History. Once you select you can start your quiz and upon completion, you will earn points. These points can be converted directly into cash that is credited into your wallet.

Spend directly from your Vishumoney wallet for your purchases. You can recharge your mobile, Recharge Paytm account, and credit to your account. The best part is you will earn just by logging into the app daily. With so many ways to make money with the Vishumoney app, you are set to replace a part of your income and become more financially free.