It’s been a wake up call for not just lower strata of the society this time but, literally everyone to a critical level ever since the 100 years before when the Spanish Flu eradicated around 5% of the world’s population in 1918. Taking precautionary measures just after a new disease has affected people doesn’t cut it anymore as just like us, these microbes are evolving as well.

To firstly have a fighting chance against future outbreaks we need to as a mankind eradicate certain habits first. These habits when looked at case by case may not look like much but even one of them when it is practiced over a prolonged period of time can become the key to one’s suffering from a future pandemic. We urge you all to go through, identify those applicable and change for the better right away!

Stop Smoking

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Most of you may have guessed it to be right on top but the reality is that our cities are already so polluted by air pollution that is enough to cause symptoms and diseases that smoking can cause all by itself. On top of that it has been observed that some of the most deadly pathogens cause respiratory illnesses, thereby it is vital to have an as clean pair lungs to have a fighting chance even if one gets infected.

The lockdown during COVID19 must have already created a shortage of supply of tobacco products or have made them cost dearer making your body used to having forgone the habit. Just keep it up and you are free from one of the most dangerous habits that can cause harm to not just you but those around you who don’t have the same.  

Stop practicing sub par personal hygiene

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One of the common aspects that a lot of people need to follow is proper personal hygiene. Be it like not taking a shower regularly, changing or washing clothes, brushing teeth regularly, trimming nails, washing your hands after using the toilet or before eating something, using a handkerchief or tissue while coughing etc.

As minuscule or common as they may sound, practicing each of these is absolutely vital to being healthy for not just yourself but for those around you as well. Thereby, before we choose to do anything worthwhile, it is vital to be all fresh and sanitary as there are so many diseases and ailments that can be completely prevented from doing so.  

Stop keeping your Home cleanliness as an afterthought

Haven’t we all had that thought of “I will do it later as who is going to come and see” when it comes to a mess in homes. Leaving used dishes unwashed in the sink, cobwebs clinging around the ceiling, dust and grime on things unmoved or fans or lights or cupboards. Dust, dried leaves, animal litter etc on the courtyards or in the garage.

Yes, no one will know unless you invite them home but does it mean that it can be left that way? From ants, insects to mold and other harmful stuff can accumulate in walls, ceilings, un-accessed corners of the house if it is not cleaned regularly. Talk about dust allergy and other ailments one could contract all in the safety of their home just because of not keeping it clean and tidy. Forgo this unacceptable habit and prioritize on keeping your surroundings clean.

Stop Procrastinating Health Checkups

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There is a saying that if ain’t broke don’t fix it! While that is wise saying, it is not applicable to everything and especially our body. The human body is very complicated when it comes to it’s functioning such that not all infections and ailments will show symptoms immediately. Even COVID 19 takes anywhere from 14 to 20 days for symptoms to appear and for some being completely asymptomatic but be a source of transmission to others.

Thereby, whether you are just a teen, someone in the prime of their life or middle aged, health regular checkups are an absolute must. Medical technology has improved to such a level that now it is possible to even predict future health issues which can be prevented by taking early precautions. Vital regular tests like Thyroid, Diabetes, Prostate, Mammogram, Heart function are necessary to be worry free. Checkout some value for money packages here.

Stop taking Health issues lightly

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Have a regular symptom like cough, headaches, knee pain, body weakness and brushed it off as something common for age, location or hereditary? Unless you’re a doctor,coming to such conclusions can be dangerous. It is the age where healthy people suddenly die of heart attack and other symptoms.

Whenever you see a visible change in your body, feel something different or unable to go about your day as usual, it is very important to get it checked by a relevant physician. There are miracle stories of those who have overcome fatal diseases too all by just getting it treated early. If you are unable to visit a doctor, just make a consultation online from credible sources rather than searching it on Google. Get it checked out here.

Stop postponing on getting Health Insurance

Insurance is not just for life where once you pass away, your family is assured a huge amount of money for their well being. You can even treat any health problems  whose treatments may cost a lot of money just by availing a health insurance policy with a good policy cover.

With the variety of plans available and a good number of them offering cashless facility, it is not just important but wise to get one now for not just but your whole family rather than regretting the same later. Have a look at some of the best options here.

Stop Eating Out and Drinking a lot

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We wonder how suddenly our body changes from the start of getting a tummy, gastric burns, pimples etc and a lot of it may have to do with our food habits. We love eating out a lot, especially junk food or fast food that is addictive. A major issue one can face is food poisoning and even stomach infections.

Drinking Alcohol is itself injurious to health but over doing it can have dire consequences. We have all experienced difficulty in getting provisions during lockdown so had to bid goodbye to all fast food and Alcohol too making us realize that we can live without them. Reduce eating out a lot and even then choose healthier options widely available to see a huge change in your body health. Choose some healthy options here.

Stop touching your face all the time

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Something new that we got to know after COVID19 is that anything that our hands come in contact with can go into our system when we touch our face.

What seemed like a totally harmless habit is now something that we need to avoid. So let’s be consciously aware that our face is something that needs to be touched after washing our hands when necessary only.

Stop Shaking Hands & Unnecessary Contact

Non-contact greetings during coronavirus

There are a lot of things that as an Indian we can be proud of and one new thing joining the list is the way of greeting others with folded hands instead of shaking them with others. While it may seem slightly old fashioned, the practice can be safe for both us and the other person while being equally mannered.

From shaking hands, hugs to showing other forms of assurance or affection without human contact. The modern viruses like COVID19 can also be asymptomatic meaning we or the other person can be a carrier without showing any symptoms which can spread by human contact so best to prevent the same.

Stop being unproductive

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Stop being unproductive

We have just seen how due to a pandemic or even a natural disaster affecting millions of people what we take for granted like returns on investments, job security, rent or any other forms of earnings can be not so assured. Whether you’re a student doing some part time work, a graduate training in an internship, professional working in a big company or a housewife selling some home made food everything switches between essential and non essential during such emergencies leaving a lot of people to earn less or almost nil.

That’s is why it never hurts to save a bucks when you’re buying stuff and earn some money doing productive stuff on your phone when you are actually free and plan to scroll through social media. Imagine saving close to Rs.2000/- just by meeting all your needs at one place, earning around Rs.3000/- spending less than an hour daily doing fun tasks and finally winning about Rs.1000/- just by sharing links of what your friends or family maybe interested in buying. All that and more is possible if you wish to stop being unproductive henceforth and utilizing Vishumoney to fulfill all your needs!